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One table - countless possibilities

Bench transforms easily into different purposes; for individual or teamwork and even for the bigger meetings. With its acoustic screens Bench provides versatile options for physical distancing and improving acoustics especially in shared spaces.

Where would you place your Bench?

Inspiring working environments

Being an expert in building working environments, ISKU provides modern and functional solutions for today’s needs. As the forms of working are becoming increasingly variable, ISKU’s extensive offering provides a solution for different needs. Bringing creativity and satisfaction into day-to-day work is our key objective: with adaptable, multifunctional solutions we can meet evolving demands with durability and timelessness. Solutions that are innovative and beautiful make every work day better.

Currently companies around the world are prioritizing health and well-being of their employees by encouraging them to work from home. Remote work can be versatile and may require changing your working position during the day.

Isku Active Working

An adaptable working environment encourages creative working.
The concept of Isku Active Working is meant to create versatile and active working environments by defying spaces according to their functionalities and purposes. Ergonomic work chairs, soundscape controlled with design screens and space-efficient storage solutions inspire employees, making their working environment more comfortable and pleasant.

Our joint facility and furniture solutions for Focus, Join, Share and Relax spaces are cornerstones of Isku Active Working concept and source of inspiration, learning and innovation in the working space.

Download Work 2020, a guide on how to organize working environment after the exceptional situation

It is already evident that the need for safety and versatility will increase in the future. As remote working is becoming more common, it opens up new opportunities for development - would it be a right time to modernize working environment into a multi-space office?

Focus - work with concentration

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Join - spontaneous ideas

Tyo join nelio

Share - working together

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Relax - a moment for break

Tyo relax nelio

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Complete workstation solution

Workstations that can be adjusted quickly and easily encourage people to change their working position during the day. It is no longer given that people have their own designed workstations.

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Control noise with space dividers

Privacy can be enhanced with various solutions, among them desk screens with acoustic properties placed on the desktop. Low cabinets can be fitted with upward extension pieces to prevent speaking sounds causing disturbances in the working area.

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Adjust your work chair

People are spending more time at their workstations. Sitting in long duration, often in a static posture. Static seated postures can result in different work-related musculoskeletal disorders as well as it curtails blood circulation and affects organ functioning.

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