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Work 2020: inspiration and innovation

How and where will work be done in the future? How is the change in work reflected in work environments? It is already evident that the sharing of furniture and premises will increase in the future, as will the need for versatility.

Innovation and inspiration at the heart of work

The change brought about by the events of the spring of 2020 will be reflected in future work. The change has forced companies to innovate and find new solutions faster. In the future, work environments are expected to adapt to innovation and meeting employees. Remote working, which has now been heavily emphasised, is also changing our perception of working environments. More independent work will be done at home and in co-working premises, but work will be done in one’s own work environment among colleagues.

There is an increasing demand for workplaces and offices to be a pleasant and naturally inspiring work environment where co-workers are happy to be, and where working together is pleasant and rich in ideas. Multipurpose offices will consist of adapted meeting and working spaces, for example, and rooms for working alone. At the same time, multipurpose spaces can provide both the peace needed for working alone and an innovative atmosphere of open-plan offices and a way of working together.

”However, traditional offices and fixed jobs are not under threat as a result of the change – physical working environments will still be needed, used and planned”, Antti Olin, director of design at ISKU

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Download Work 2020, a guide on how to organize working environment after the exceptional situation

It is already evident that the need for safety and versatility will increase in the future. As remote working is becoming more common, it opens up new opportunities for development - would it be a right time to modernize working environment into a multi-space office?