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Work 2020

How and where will work be done in the future? How is the change in work reflected in working environments? It is already evident that the need for safety and versatility will increase in the future. What else?

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Working environment inspires and lets innovation thrive

The change brought about by the events of the spring of 2020 will be reflected in future work. The change has forced companies to innovate and find new solutions faster. In the future, working environments are expected to adapt to innovation and meeting employees. Remote working, which has now been heavily emphasised, is also changing our perception of working environments.

Remote work becomes more common

The amount of remote working in the future will increase and will become a key part of the work culture in tasks where it is possible. Some companies already have routines for remote working, whereas others are faced with this completely new form of working for the first time.

A moment of change?

The exceptional circumstances of spring 2020 have taught people new ways of working and will shape working in the future. In work environments, premises are used in a variety of ways and the solutions provide an opportunity for innovation and working together.

Antimicrobial products

Antimicrobial ISKU+ furniture creates value in public and shared spaces where people meet. Such facilities include multi-purpose offices, customer service points, schools as well as waiting and reception facilities at health centers.

Made in Finland in a responsible way

The time we live in has taught us to favour products of the highest quality with health and safety aspects. The trend continues. Increasingly more intensive background work is being done prior the purchase decisions in terms of materials, environmental burden and the country of origin.

Furnishing innovations

Innovations in furnishing promote the transformation of working environments into multi-purpose offices.

  • Mapping: Customer-focused tailoring of solutions according to need
  • Furniture recycling and hybrid furnishings
  • Working together, innovation and pleasantness
  • Work requiring independent concentration
  • Remote working products to buy or rent
  • Antimicrobial products promote health

Download Work 2020, a guide on how to organize working environment after the exceptional situation

It is already evident that the need for safety and versatility will increase in the future. As remote working is becoming more common, it opens up new opportunities for development - would it be a right time to modernize working environment into a multi-space office?