Whistleblowing notification channel

A whistleblowing channel is a service intended for reducing the risks associated with misconduct. The channel can be accessed directly and conveniently from the ISKU website by ISKU employees, customers, and other stakeholders.

Whistleblowing is a tool to report serious suspicions of misconduct or illegal activities. Any employee or external party can do so in good faith, anonymously, without fearing repercussion. If you see something worth reporting to us, speak up about it.

It is possible to make an anonymous report using Whistleblowing. The channel is administrated by WhistleB, an impartial service provider that safeguards the anonymous handling of reports. Neither ISKU nor WhistleB can identify or track the source of a report unless you provide your contact details. WhistleB does not save metadata related to a whistleblower report and cannot track the IP address of a whistleblower. The anonymous whistleblower gets an ID and a password before submitting their report. The whistleblower can log in and read responses from the Whistleblow team and send messages back.

Thank you for helping ISKU be a company that promotes high business ethics.