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ISKU Blog. You Snooze, You lose - What does agility in an organization really mean?
ISKU Blog. You Snooze, You lose - What does agility in an organization really mean?
ISKU Blog. You Snooze, You lose - What does agility in an organization really mean?

You Snooze, You lose.

What does agility in an organization really mean?

March 1, 2021. Written by Elise Tarvainen @ Elise Tarvainen

In this sunny Sunday morning, I found myself scrolling the calendar back all the way to early 2020, to the days before the pandemic. It’s evident that year 2020 changed our operational environments rapidly and irrevocably. The mankind was pushed into the midst of a global change for which no one had a user manual to manage with.

Year 2021 calls now for new leadership to support individuals fighting the pandemic fatigue and navigating the second (or third, even fourth) wave of the social restrictions. The daily leadership is challenged by the increased need of re-energizing the teams and organizations in a situation where there are no easy answers. Though there is low light at the end of the tunnel, we don’t know how far it is.

In the science lesson at school, I learned that agility with ability to adjust helped mammals to survive while the dinosaurs became extinct. This made me to think the existence and survival of business organizations in the current global economic downturn:

What are the mammals and dinosaurs of today's business life like? Can great be agile and what does it require from corporate governance and daily leadership? What is the role and responsibility of each employee?

As my thoughts were wandering around these questions, I ended up reading articles on developing agility that outlasts the pandemic. One of the key messages conveyed was, that we are living now in the era where swift innovations are highly successful. They can make the business systems itself more agile than ever to meet the future and the recovery of the world economy.

However, agility of organizations is all about people – applying the principles of agile in all levels of organization. Agility can be learned only by doing in an operational culture where everyone is enabled and empowered to create together, to learn through trial and error, and to adapt new ways of thinking. The agility in organizations can be enhanced only by using agile methods that are applied and encouraged by everyone, everyday.

About the author

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Elise has robust experience of working in multi-cultural teams and international markets. These assignments and projects have been a unique possibility to create innovative, world-class learning and innovation environments by fusing the best practices from Finland into local context and needs.

As a COO of ISKU’s international operations, Elise enjoys and gets inspired by working with a team of high-caliber professionals to foster company's growth.