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Towards better working environments

December 20, 2021. Written by Miia Lähdes

I started at a new job a month ago. I changed my industry completely - from a large global ICT service provider, to an almost 100 years old Finnish family-owned business, which designs and manufactures furniture, offer services and comprehensive interior solutions for learning, working and health care facilities, as well as for all public spaces and leisure time facilities. And all this to Finnish market as well as to 16 countries globally.

What an interesting jump this has been!

Learning the new industry, getting to know our customers and my new work colleagues. For me, it has been important how well thought and safe hybrid working model we have here at ISKU. As responsibility being one of the most important values for us – this has also been carefully considered when planning the safe return to hybrid work.

Hybrid way of working

Over the last couple of years, we’ve learned numerous new ways how to work - at home, at work, in schools, etc. I’ve read a huge amount of opinion papers, publications from psychologists and doctors, people’s posts on social media – latter focusing to how much people who have been working remotely are needing and missing face-to-face time - in a real life. The key learning for me - it is not just about hybrid work. It is more about hybrid working space!

From the hybrid working space perspective facilities must be designed in a way you have all you need during the workday or even beyond. You have as safe and easy as possible access to e.g., quiet place, hang-around, meeting room, exercise facilities, lunch area, parking lot etc. And as uncertain the future is – all the changes made as easy as it can be. On top of this all the services implemented to support the perfect working-day-flow.

I’ve had pleasure to join several ongoing projects in ISKU, where we are together with the customer planning the new working environment, innovating how the hybrid office space should look like, what kind of services we as ISKU can provide to the customer, how to make the office as flexible as possible for future change needs, how to make the virtual environment as equal as possible for everyone despite of the location, and what kind of working methods must be considered when people are at least partially returning to the offices. Joint innovation is a key!

Human Centricity

It is essential to bring the end users utilizing the working environments to the planning process. Innovate together. Ask the key questions:

How do we work together? How do we want to work together?

What kind of working environment you/we need and in what kind of circumstances?

What is our working culture in our company in the future? What should be changed?

How do we make this happen?

About the author

Miia Lähde pic 2021

Miia Lähdes is the Director of Service Business for ISKU. Miia's passion is to work in close customer interface - engaging all ISKU’s capabilities and strengths to bring value to the future and existing customers.

Miia has proven competency related to organizational level change management. Over the years Miia has lead strategic level improvement programs together with customers and within organizations - ensuring high quality of the outcomes and benefits visible to our customers and ISKU.