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Come along to a sustainable purchasing journey

January 11, 2021. Written by Elise Tarvainen @ Elise Tarvainen

Considering our planet’s current state, it’s an imperative for both individuals and enterprises to shift to greener and more sustainable lifestyle. Companies need to show to their customers, employees and other stakeholders that they operate a responsible business when it comes to social, environmental and governance issues.

There is no better time than today to take actions towards sustanaible way of living. Every buying decision is a new opportunity to reduce negative and simultaniously to enhance positive environmental and social impacts by one’s own actions. Every purchase matters.

How to start out on a sustainable purchasing journey? The leaders who pioneered sustainable procurement and have advanced programs are gaining now the innovation benefits because they took action years ago. A mature sustainable procurement capability takes years to build. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to catch up the forerunners. Thus, the message is simple: Start now and walk the talk.

ISKU’s awarded products Kivikko, Amphi and Nook can be the first steps in your sustainable purchasing journey – or next sustainable purchases:

Kivikko and Amphi provide you with comfort from left-over material. ISKU’s Kivikko seat, designed by Henri Halla-aho, was awarded as the best Sustainable/Eco-Friendly product in the education sector in the GESS Education Awards 2019. The surplus material generated by the waste and cut-off pieces of foam plastic products is used as the raw material of both Kivikko and Amphi seating systems. Again, the waste generated in the manufacture of products is returned to the manufacturing process to be re-used as raw material. Take a look at Kivikko’s story video

Nook helps you to prevent the plastic bottles from ending to the oceans. In 2020 ISKU was awarded again for its sustainable product development for its novelty product Nook designed by Petteri Häkkinen. Nook brings the circular economy mindset to life: the manufacturing material of Nook is made of recycled PET plastic bottles (60%), and the product itself is 100% recyclable. Every bottle used as raw material to Nook is one bottle less waste. Nook is a a novel space-in-space solution for working, learning and playing – for offices, schools or homes. The den with lightweight elements is an easy set-up to any space and by anyone. Read more about Nook´s story

The journey you start never ends. When you have chosen responsibility as your guiding principle and preference, you will continuously compete to develop processes towards greater impact on sustainability matters. This is what we have witnessed at ISKU already for years. Today responsibility is an integral part of all operations, and we will maintain a strong advocate and pioneer of responsibility in the future, as well. The operations are based on meeting the expectations of customers and stakeholders and exceeding the requirements of environmental regulations and legislation

The path can be rocky, but hard work pays off. We have the pleasure to tell that ISKU has received an international recognition for the decade of its sustainability work. The European CEO Awards 2020 rewarded ISKU with the Company of the Decade in Sustainability in Finland recognition for its responsibility acts during the past decade (2011-2020). The award is given to companies that are leaders in their field of industry investing systemically in environmental responsibility by developing future-proof solutions and having positive impact on society. In the article related to the recognition, ISKU’s CEO, Mr. Arto Tiitinen shares his views on how ISKU has become a forerunner and role model of sustainable manufacturing.

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Elise Tarvainen

Elise has robust experience of working in multi-cultural teams and international markets. These assignments and projects have been a unique possibility to create innovative, world-class learning and innovation environments by fusing the best practices from Finland into local context and needs.

As a COO of ISKU’s international operations, Elise enjoys and gets inspired by working with a team of high-caliber professionals to foster company's growth.