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Ergonomic solutions for remote working enhance employee well-being

Many employers are now actively supporting the employees in establishing designated workstations at home. We at ISKU created an easy access to remote work solutions that emphasize work ergonomics and enhance work well-being.

An Easy and swift way to improve the working conditions at home, is to pay attention to varying the working positions;

1. By different seating options

UPis1 and Tutto Active

Still and Step+ work chairs

2. By using an ergonomic choice with a height-adjustable table

Mix and Solu tables

Style and Matrix I tables

We all are different, so are our working styles and way of working.
At home you can go with as personalized working environments as you wish. Read more about three inspirational ways for working remotely.

We are glad to find the most suitable solutions to support your and your employees' work well-being also when working remotely. Leave your contacts and our expert will get in touch with you.