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Responsibility means taking concrete actions

For us at ISKU, responsibility has always meant taking concrete actions. Responsibility is our guiding principle covering everything from our suppliers and partners, material selection and design to the manufacturing processes and logistics. In 2020 ISKU received an international recognition for the decade of its sustainability work as the The European CEO Awards 2020 rewarded ISKU with The Company of the Decade in Sustainability in Finland. Read the full article here.

Investment in domestic production

• Since 2015 we have made vast investments in modernizing the factory, production process and its systems, logistics, as well as work ergonomics. By investing in our own production, we can guarantee our customers world class quality, accurate and reliable delivery, and customer-oriented production. This enables us to offer solutions with desired materials. We have renewed our building automation system, modernization of the ventilation units, changing the lightning for LED lamps and renewal of the dust removal system. By using renewable energy, we have since 2015 reduced our annual CO2 emissions by 500-600 ton.

• All our office furniture is manufactured in Lahti, Finland. As a result of the low level of VOC emissions and other environmental burdens, ISKU’s production operations have not required an environmental permit since 2015. ISKU has moved to using water-based stains, lacquers and paints in the production. All upholstery glues are solvent-free.

• One of Finland´s largest solar power park is being built in connection to ISKUs factory. The solar power park is being built during Autumn 2021 and Spring 2022. This is a significant investment in renewable energy: ISKUs solar power park will be the size of 2,8 MW and have the annual capacity of approximately 2500 MWh. A plant of this size reduces the CO2 emissions by around 355 tn, which is equivalent to about the annual emission of 116 passenger cars in terms of 20 tkm/car.

• We source 75% of our purchases from Finland and 99% from the EU. With a short supply chain, we can achieve the best delivery reliability.

• Our production produces less mixed waste than what a small apartment building produces. Almost all waste generated by the production can be recycled.

• We aim to reduce emissions in every possible way. We have centralized all production to Lahti, Finland. All our deliveries are made from one place. We have reduced the number of forklifts in production by 100. Our largest subcontractor operates inside the factory, minimizing transportation emissions. All deliveries in Finland are transported with vehicles that use renewable fossil fuel.

• In Finland, we use renewable electricity in all our showrooms. ISKUs headquarter has nearly 50 geothermal wells that are about 320 meters deep. A solar panel system has been installed on the roof, and the generated electricity is used for e.g., cooling the building and charging electric vehicles. These new energy solutions reduce the buildings CO2 emission by up to 90%.

• By renewing our packaging and replacing plastic with renewable material, we are annually using 20 000 kg less of plastic material. All packaging used by ISKU is recyclable as either energy or material.

Responsibly manufactured products

• We manufacture healthy environments. Our furniture boards are PEFC and EI certified. We know the origin of the materials used in our products and they do not produce indoor air emissions to the environment.

• Our entire collection is available as antimicrobial. Antimicrobial materials contribute to a cleaner environment. Cutting down the infection routes, antimicrobial furniture dramatically reduces sick leave.

• Responsibility materializes throughout the life cycle of our products: in raw material selection, design, production, and in the finished product.

• ISKU has its own test laboratory for extensive product testing’s. In our test laboratory, products are tested in a variety of ways and stages to meet EN and ISO standards.

• Foams have a CertiPUR certificate, which means that the materials have been tested and do not contain chemical concentrations (including formaldehyde) that exceed the limit values that are harmful for the health or the environment.

• More than 80% of the fabrics used in ISKU furniture have an eco-label (EU-flower or Ökö tex 100)

• Our customers have also expressed their satisfaction to ISKU: last year’s customer satisfaction (NPS) was 78, which is particularly high in our industry.

Certified management systems for continuous development

• A certified quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001 standard supports the continuous development of operations and processes. The system helps to meet customers quality expectations by harmonizing operating methods and setting quality objectives.

• ISO 14001 certified environmental management system helps us improve processes and practices. To obtain an environmental certificate, a company must identify the environmental impacts caused by the organization and set goals and objectives to reduce the environmental impacts.

• The certified occupational health and safety system in accordance with ISO 45001 standard integrates occupational health and safety issues into everyday operations and management.

• ISKU has a certified Chain of Custody (PEFC) system for the origin of wood covering its entire standard range. With this certified wood origin monitoring system, we ensure that the wood used in our products comes from sustainably managed forests.

Employees are the most important resource, who make all responsibility work possible

• ISKU employs 608 people (2020) in various occupations, e.g., in production, sales, marketing, product development, outsourcing and other parts of the organization. Through our partner network, we employ more than 1,000 people in Finland.

• 98% of ISKU employees have a permanent employment.

• ISKUs safety management is based on the continuous development and improvement of occupational health and safety by supporting performance and development goals. The company has an occupational health and safety function that coordinates the management of all occupational safety. The occupational safety organization conducts workplace visits and assessments covering operations throughout Finland.

• ISKU has a certified occupational health and safety system in accordance with ISO 45001. The Groups sickness related absence rate in 2019 was 3.0%.

• We invest in ergonomic working conditions and our occupational safety has been taken to a new level. A clean and solvent-free production is also for the benefit of our employees.