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Responsibility is actions

November 6th, 2020. Written by Kaisa Vuori @ Kaisa Vuori

Our northern surroundings have shaped us. They have made us into creative and practical team players. We have courage to do things differently. We take responsibility for each other and the environment. To us, sustainable development comes naturally and responsible operations mean actions. We believe in design, individuality, craftmanship and quality. We build environments that offer safe and comfortable places for us to grow up, study, work and thrive.

As you can read from the story of ISKU, sustainability main themes (quality, environment and safety) rises in almost every sentence. Responsibility is actions said Arto Tiitinen (President, CEO Isku-Yhtymä Oy) in responsibility report. Many actions have been taken in this area over the last decade.

We have certified management systems, which ensure responsible business activities and continuous improvement. The ISO 9001 certified quality management system, the ISO 14001 certified environmental system, the ISO 45 001 certified workplace health and safety system and The PEFC (Chain of Custody) certified monitoring system for the origin of wood verifies that wood from sustainably managed forests is used for the products. In 2020, 91% of all the wood used in production was PEFC-certified, and the rest otherwise certificated signifying legal and sustainable forest use, or verified through ISKU’s own inspections and agreements.

ISKU's packaging line has been modernized in accordance with the sustainable development recycled packaging materials. 21 tons less plastic per year, the use of renewable materials has been increased and the use of packaging materials is minimized.

A very efficient geothermal heat pump system has been installed, which handles both heating and cooling of the buildings in Lahti. A solar panel system has been installed on the roof, and the electricity from there is used for cooling. Production area has decrease from 140 000 m2 to 65 000 m2. And 3 000 light bulbs were replaced with LED bulbs. The carbon dioxide emissions at the ISKU factory property have decreased and carbon footprint is 29,5 tCO2e in 2019.

In our code of conduct, we commit to following all laws and regulations associated with our activities in all the countries where we operate. We also audit regularly that our suppliers follow our code of conduct.

To get more information please read ISKU Responsibility Report 2019

About the author


Kaisa has experience of working with quality, management systems, product safety and environmental issues.

Kaisa started as sustainability director at ISKU in October 2020. The first two orientations weeks have included a lot of interesting discussions with ISKU's people. Kaisa can't wait to learn more about ISKU's beautiful furniture and services.