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Responsibility is actions

Sustainable responsibility for generations to come

For us, responsibility has always meant taking actions. We invest in the circular economy thinking and go through the product life cycle from the designer’s desk to a finished piece of furniture. This comes to life for example through our certified quality (ISO 9001) and environmental systems (ISO 14001) and by employing the PEFC certified tracking system for wood origin to support sustainable forestry. We emphasize the origin of materials, energy consumption, the use of chemicals, and the volume of waste generated during the manufacturing process.

We are proud to say that despite the challenging circumstances of 2020, we were a reliable partner for our customers and a caring employer for our personnel. In addition to our continuous work on ensuring environmental responsibility, vast measures were taken on social responsibility.

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Responsibility Report 2020


Despite the challenges of 2020 brought by the pandemic, we were able to operate in line with our customer promise. Ensuring safe working conditions and providing employees and our customers with tools to adopt to the new, unexeptional circumstances, were among our main priorities.

Our responsible operations also received two recognitions: LOGY ry Indoor Logistics of the Year award and the Company of the Decade in Sustainability in Finland award by the European CEO.

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Global Responsibility report 2019


2019 was a year of great change for us. We continued to actively develop responsibility-related issues in different areas. In this report, we present our responsibility efforts and the most important related themes for 2019.

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Forerunner in eco-friendly materials, production and packaging

For us at ISKU, responsibility becomes visible in many ways. Developing our quality and lifecycle thinking, the long lifespan and high level of recyclability of our products save natural resources and reduces the amount of waste. Thanks to the low level of VOC emissions and other environmental burdens, ISKU’s production operations have not required an environmental permit since 2015. We are also the only industrial company in the Finnish furniture sector that uses a PEFC (Chain of Custody) system to track the origin of the used timber. A number of our products have also been awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. ISKU’s Still and Step+ are the world’s first office chairs with M1 classification which proves that the emissions into indoor air are demonstrably low.

We also collaborate with other companies to embrace the circular economy thinking. For example, a Finnish luxury brand Lovia uses ISKU’s leftover leather to produce bags its ideology being based on ecological and ethical values.

Bench Isku Gess finalist2021 798x566

3 x INNOVATION = BENCH - the GESS Awards 2021 Finalist

ISKU is shortlisted as GESS Innovation Awards 2021 finalist with Bench. This award is given to a product or service that is ahead of current thinking and demonstrates innovation at the highest level, with a way of doing something differently or more effectively. Bench emphasizes sustainable design and tackles safety issues brought forth by the pandemic.

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Nook GESS Winner

Nook - the GESS Awards 2020 Winner

Nook is a novel space-in-space learning solution, successfully combining pedagogical sustainability and eco-friendly manufacturing methods.

The easy set-up of the lightweight Nook felt elements encourages team work, creativity and problem-solving skills with an emphasis on the concept of joyful learning. The manufacturing material consists mainly (60%) of recycled Polyethylene Teraphthalate (PET) plastic bottles and is further fully recyclable.

Nook was awarded as the Best Sustainable / Eco-friendly Product in the GESS Education Awards 2020. Read more here.


Kivikko - the GESS Awards 2019 Winner

We use the surplus material from the production of one product as the raw material for another. This is how, for example, the award-winning Kivikko seats and Amphi seating system designed by Henri Halla-aho, were created. The surplus material generated by the waste and cut-off pieces of foam plastic products is used as the raw material of Kivikko and Amphi. Again, the waste generated in the manufacture, is returned to the manufacturing process as raw material.

Kivikko seats were awarded as the Best Sustainable/Eco-friendly product in the GESS Education Awards 2019.

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Environmental responsibility

More than 90% of all the wood we use is PEFC certified. For the treatment of wooden components, we use UV-curable and water-soluble varnishes, wood stains and paints. In our products, the metal parts are 100% recyclable and the upholstery fabrics do not contain harmful substances nor do the plastic parts include phthalates.

We have implemented geothermal and solar power systems at our HQ and over 99% of the waste generated at our production can be recycled as material or energy. Also, by using mostly renewable materials in our packaging, we have reduced the amount of plastic by 20 000 kilograms/year. In our purchases, we prefer Finnish, environmentally-friendly materials.

Sosiaalinen vastuu

Social Responsibility

To us, social sustainability means close collaboration and responsibility for our customers, staff and partners. ISKU creates employment for thousands of Finns throughout its supply chain. By ensuring good working conditions, creating jobs in Finland and acting globally in a responsible manner, we carry out corporate social responsibility and long-term sustainability.

During the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, the majority to our employees started working from home. To ensure effective and safe working, tools to cope with the changed conditions and opportunities for online training were actively provided.

At the ISKU factories, safe and healthy working practices and conditions were investigated and assessed. To prevent the epidemic from spreading and to ensure safe working conditions, employees were provided information on practices for factory visits, hygiene, such as hand washing, disinfection and cleaning of equipment, breaks and meals, work clothing, use of changing rooms and meetings. In addition, cleaning of the factory was increased.

Testilaboratorio 260218 01

All products are carefully tested

We carry out committed work to ensure that ISKU products are safely manufactured and safe to use. The foundation of ISKU’s product development is formed by compliance with the requirements of EN and ISO standards and comprehensive testing. We test the strength, stability and safety or our products and the durability of the surface materials.

The products are tested at various stages of the product development process and in spot tests during production. ISKU has its own testing laboratory where hundreds of products go through the process of multiple tests every year.