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Quality is not accidental

October 25, 2021. Written by Elise Tarvainen @ Elise Tarvainen

Quality originates in design

Mission completed. Finland Majlis at the World Expo Dubai is up and running. Over 2-year project of design, creating solutions desired and tweaking the details has come to a happy end. As a result, the VIP and Conference floor now serves as a fascinating avenue for businesses, cultures, and people to connect and share ideas. It represents the multi-user work environment of the future at its best. The Finland majlis offers a variety of adaptable opportunities for focused individual work, creative teamwork, and socializing, even to organize a seminar or a conference. The guiding idea in the design process was to enable high-end user experiences.

Good is not enough when choosing a material

Meeting the expectations of a safe and functioning spaces requires a commitment to quality in every detail. In Finland Majlis the users can experience quality that is invisible and hidden in the materials of our products. All the materials are pure and carefully selected with no indoor air emissions or harmful environmental impacts during their entire lifecycle.

To ensure that each visitor is welcomed into a healthy and safe environment, ISKU has furnished the Finland Majlis with antimicrobial furniture. The ISKU+ technology with permanent efficacy on contact surfaces work 24/7 to make them cleaner by eliminating nearly all harmful microbes.

Made by humans for humans

For us, quality is much more than the sum of good product features. It’s the matter of honor. It’s a process where each employee is committed to the jointly agreed quality standards and makes all endeavors to realize them.

The Finland Majlis project is a showcase of not only the quality of design and products, but also the quality of delivery process. Without the devoted work of all those who were packaging the products, organizing the transportations, off-loading the containers and installing the furniture on site, the expectations would not have met.

Quality is not accidental. Made in ISKU is our quality seal. It’s our value proposition to our customers, employees and the environment.

About the author

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Elise has robust experience of working in multi-cultural teams and international markets. These assignments and projects have been a unique possibility to create innovative, world-class learning and innovation environments by fusing the best practices from Finland into local context and needs.

As a COO of ISKU’s international operations, Elise enjoys and gets inspired by working with a team of high-caliber professionals to foster company's growth.