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Other spaces

Other spaces

Hotels and accommodation

The interior design of the hotel must present functional solutions for both holiday and business travelers. Besides having comfortable and high-quality beds all other hotel room furnishings should also create a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.

Restaurants and cafes

The interior design of the restaurant must be as delicious as its offering so that a customer feels comfortable and wants to visit this place again. In cafes, customers enjoy a meal time longer and longer, even during the working hours which means having a variety of tables and chairs plays very important role.

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Concepts and customized solutions 

Individual and complete interior solutions tailored according to the customer´s needs and desires.

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Control room tables tailored for the customers

Control room tables are the holistic concept that suits various workstations and spaces. The concept focuses on a 24 hours environment of comfort, ergonomics, safety and efficiency.

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Central Library Oodi

Oodi is a venue, a place for reading, and a versatile experience that offers knowledge, skills and stories. At Oodi it's easy to come to learn, experience, enjoy and work. This New Age Library is a lively and functional meeting place open for everyone.

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