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Helsinki Central Library Oodi

Furnishing completes the idea

Oodi is a venue, a place for reading, and a versatile experience offering knowledge, skills and stories. At Oodi, it is easy to come to learn, experience, enjoy and work. This forerunner library is a lively and functional meeting place open for everyone. Soft reading places and café-like meeting places were most welcome when the future users of Helsinki Central Library Oodi were asked wishes with regards to the library's furniture. Indeed, the library was designed together with customers as the variety of wishes were widely taken into account in the final selection of solutions.

“Oodi is quite large and has a wide range of facilities, so the outcome will surely meet most of the wishes,” says the interior architect behind Oodi’s interior design, Heikki Ruoho from ALA Architects.

The premises of the Central Library are divided into three very different floors. The first floor is an extension of an urban space and has, among other things, an information desk, exhibition facilities and a café. The second floor houses the library's latest facilities such as AV studio, working and conference facilities, 3D printers, sewing machines and computers. The third floor is reserved for books and reading, and it also includes the children's section.

“The furniture complements and mirrors the functions and materials of each floor. The second floor covers the smallest spaces of the building and represents the most traditional interior design, although the functionality is the latest for libraries. The first and third floors are practically one open space”, says Ruoho.

ISKU has delivered furniture to all Oodi's public areas and is Oodi's largest furniture supplier. Oodi's premises contain for example 888 seats, including sofas, armchairs, wooden chairs and stools. The project was delivered following very closely the plan made by the interior architect Heikki Ruoho.

The best new public library in the world

The greatest success is reflected through that the visitors have immediately made Oodi their own. Oodi has also received international recognition as it was recently chosen as the winner of the 2019 Public Library of the Year Award in the World Library and Information Congress of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA). Read more here