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Nook brings circular economy mindset into life

ISKU Nook is a novel space-in-space solution for working, learning and playing – for offices, schools and homes. The story of Nook began as innovative minds with a shared agenda, joined together to create something unique. The aim was to contribute in reducing the threat that plastic waste poses to our environment and to enhance sustainable, joyful learning. The creative process resulted in an innovative way to combine pedagogical multifunctionality and design with circular economy principles.

Green lifecycle meets pedagogical sustainability

Lifecycle of Nook begins as plastic bottles are recycled and further processed as the lightweight material of Nook. The sound-absorbing, lightweight elements consist mainly of recycled (PET) plastic bottles and the product itself is 100% recyclable.

In addition to emphasizing eco-friendly material and manufacturing methods, Nook is also pedagogically sustainable solution. It encourages team work, creativity and logical thinking. Nook also contributes to a safer environment as it enables social distancing by creating a safe space-in-space solution for any space.

Nook represents our concrete actions to bring the circular thinking into life. It is also a good example of how design and furniture solutions can contribute to creating safer environments for the future. With a growing need for considerations regarding the environmental aspects, safety and changes in the ways we work, learn and live, Nook provides great opportunities to adjust to versatile situations.

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Enabling physical distancing without social isolation

As learning becomes more active and student-centred, there is a growing demand to create more tools for acoustic management. In addition to schools, Nook is a functional choice for office and public lounges, where considerations redarding physical distancing, without however leading to social isolation, are becoming ever more essential.

Nook brings inspiring elements to environments while enhansing the joy of learning. With the playful Nook you can build lightweight partitions, a learning den, tunnels or even a spaceship. With the purpose-designed table and any chair, Nook forms a perfect spot when you need a sheltered and peaceful place for concentration.

Nook - The best sustainable / eco-friendly product in the GESS Awards 2020.

"The Best Sustainable / Eco-friendly product 2020" within the learning sector

Nook and our work towards environmental, pedagogical and social sustainability has also received international recognition as it was selected as the Best Sustainable / Eco-friendly product in the GESS Education Awards 2020.

The Elle Decor Magazine recently brought up Nook as an example of a furniture solution, that can prove very useful in post-pandemic schools by enhansing the acoustics and allowing children to concentrate without isolating themselves from the group. Read the article here.

Also Designboom intruduced Nook recently as a versatile tool for modern learning environments to support pedagogical and ecological sustainability. Read more here.