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Inspiring learning design elements for the new normal of education.
Inspiring learning design elements for the new normal of education
Inspiring learning design elements for the new normal of education

Furniture solutions provide means to adapt to the new ways of learning

During exceptional circumstances, we have witnessed how the traditional structures of teaching and learning has often failed and it has mostly been technology that has supported organizing formal learning. In adapting to the new normal of learning, social interaction is more important than ever, and schools are encouraged to provide the learning communities with opportunities for reshaping relationships, supporting emotional learning and building bonds that are important for meaningful learning. Accommodating the required new safety protocols in the school buildings requires imagination and maximizing the available space.

Inkoo Pro Highs in a school corridor

Creative furnishing solutions provide good opportunities for flexibility and altering traditional classrooms, hallways and corridors to multifunctional learning environments with emphasis on re-enhancing interaction, collaboration and the joy of learning. The right furniture choices also provide means for physical distancing and following individual learning paths. Responsibility as their guiding principle, products such as ISKU’s GESS Award winners Kivikko and Nook successfully combine pedagogy and sustainable learning. Read more about how to come along to a sustainable purchasing journey?

What opportunities ISKU+ antimicrobial solutions bring to learning environments?

School environment is a typical example of an environment where infections are easily spread. The cleaner the learning environment, the lower is a risk of contamination and an infection. ISKU has developed a concept where infection control is enhanced with material selection in furniture. Together with good hand hygiene and regular cleaning, ISKU+ antimicrobial solutions used in furniture is proven to reduce the ability of microbes to survive on surfaces.

ISKU's research and development work that has continued since 2013 has shown the functionality of antimicrobial surfaces and the efficacy in reducing the sick leaves of students. A case study conducted in 2018 found that antimicrobial contact surfaces have the potential to even halve students’ short-term absenteeism. Antimicrobial efficacy doesn’t decay over time but works tirelessly the whole technical lifetime of a furniture without special maintenance.

Kuuhankavesi School in Finland has chosen all the contact surfaces of furniture manufactured by ISKU as antimicrobial to reduce cross-contamination from contact surfaces and thus risk of infection. Read more.

In addition to schools in Finland, ISKU provided recently the Al-Basma British School in Abu Dhabi furniture solutions with antimicrobiall finishes. After the reopening the school has taken vast measures to meet the new demands and safety protocols. Along with the new practices related to hybrid and partial distance learning, flexible division of students into smaller groups, intensified cleaning measures in all shared resources, practical rooms and labs. Antimicrobial solutions contribute to the safety and well-being of the student of the Al-Basma school that prides itself on a high quality education and pastoral care for all students.