Feel the energy and flow of design

MyFlow is a solution that makes open multi-purpose spaces flexible but intact in appearance and design.

The inspiration and final idea for the product family design was found from the Finnish nature and the smoothly grounded cliffs by the archipelago. Thanks to the rounded design language, the family of products became what it was desired to be; energetic but easily approachable.

MyFlow and its well-thought elements of form and design create a feeling of unity. It leaves also space for the human flow enhancing harmony and the quality of user experience.

It’s all about details

The most important feature of the MyFlow products is the details that have been polished to the end. They tell you about the highest quality and differentiate the best from mediocre.

The crown is the state-of-the-art piece of metal integral to the products. We named it a piece of jewelry. It gives a special character to the whole collection. By choosing its color, you can define the spirit of the interior and bring a bit of luxury to any space.

With the right material selections, you can create inspirational spaces that contribute to your health and wellbeing. MyFlow is available with antimicrobial materials that cut down the spread of infections.

As our five senses and the overall atmosphere are ultimately the things that guide us in everything we do, we also designed an energizing scent and composed unique music for MyFlow to create a holistic experience with a good feeling.

Inspiration for the designers

The focus of MyFlow design is in the experiences and in the emotional aspects of human behavior and bringing them to life. The wide MyFlow family is a collection of versatile, yet unified furniture designed to bring energy and good flow into any space.

The MyFlow GDL library is now within your reach. The selection of materials creates wide opportunities to personalize MyFlow according to space and purpose.

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Modern technology meets traditional craftmanship

MyFlow is designed in Finland and manufactured by a Finnish family-owned company ISKU - a leader in Finnish know-how, quality and industrial innovation. For the customers, ISKU quality means carefully considered design, professional craftsmanship, meticulously tested eco-friendly, locally sourced materials and responsible production.

However, modern technology always requires human touch to perform as its best.

Read more on ISKU’s website.

Responsibility is concrete actions

ISKU is an active developer of environmentally friendly production and sustainable, future-proof solutions.

For ISKU, responsibility means concrete actions. It is the guiding principle that covers everything from the suppliers and partners, material selection and design to the manufacturing processes, logistics and recycling.

Read more on ISKU’s website.

Nordic design for your lifetime journey

ISKU’s design is inspired by Finnish forests and pure raw materials, honoring the environmental and social responsibility. The company fosters a circular economy mindset and thinks carefully through the lifecycle of each of the products from the designer’s desk to a finished piece of furniture.

ISKU creates spaces that are safe, functional and comfortable to use. The products and services comply even with the strictest quality and safety requirements.

Read more on ISKU’s website.

Design by Vertti Kivi

MyFlow and its well-thought elements of form and design, such as the round forms, colors, and textures represent the award-winning design of Vertti Kivi and ISKU’s 90 years of experience and state-of-the-art technology.

The focus of MyFlow design is in the experience, in the emotional aspects of human behavior and bringing them to life in every space. The most important feature of the MyFlow products is the details that have been polished to the end.

There was a clear need for a new furniture family that brings unity into spaces by harmonizing furniture with each other and with other spatial features.

"I made a promise to ISKU. I promised to design a family of furniture that could easily create a unified look and good energetic flow into any space,” says Vertti Kivi, the Designer of MyFlow.

Vertti Kivi

“I've noticed that we are lacking such furniture family where all pieces would belong together. I also knew that it’s possible to create really fantastic flow also in the working spaces."

"I live on an island, in Archipelago in Finland. Once I was standing there looking at the rocks. How round they were, how nice and beautiful they were. I started to think that maybe we could create a holistic furniture family with that same, one form."