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Multi-purpose Mukula pouffes

Mukula is a new and fresh seating option for e.g., kindergartens and schools. The seat cushions are available in circle, oval, square and triangular shapes. Choose from a wide range of fabrics and colours.

The seat cushions can also be used for teaching: children learn to perceive shapes and colors in and to compose with the help of Mukula. Stack the cushions to have a suitable seat for all heights, whether for an adult or a child. The cushions also work as a sound-absorbing element and bring color and variety to the interior.


The product family includes a wall mounting element, to which the cushions can be placed. Use the wall for storage and to make cleaning easier. The cushions can also be attached to other metal surfaces that the magnet sticks to. The wall mounting is achieved with the help of permanent magnets placed at the bottom of the cushion: safety distance between pacemaker and the permanent magnet at the bottom of Mukula cushion is 10 cm.