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3 x INNOVATION = BENCH - the GESS Awards 2021 Finalist

ISKU is shortlisted as GESS Innovation Awards 2021 finalist with Bench. This award is given to a product or service that is ahead of current thinking and demonstrates innovation at the highest level, with a way of doing something differently or more effectively. Bench emphasizes sustainable design and tackles safety issues brought forth by the pandemic.

Masterpieces of design at Expo 2020 Dubai

Those who visit Snow Cape, the Finland pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, are in for a treat. The exterior has been designed to replicate a traditional Arabic tent covered in a thin white layer of snow. The interior will serve as an avenue for businesses, cultures and people to connect and share ideas. To ensure each encounter is memorable, ISKU has designed and furnished the VIP and conference area of Snow Cape, the Finland Majilis, with masterpieces of Finnish design.

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Nook - the GESS Awards 2020 Winner
Nook is a novel space-in-space learning solution, successfully combining pedagogical sustainability and eco-friendly manufacturing methods. Nook was awarded as the Best Sustainable / Eco-friendly Product in the GESS Education Awards 2020.
Kivikko - the GESS Awards 2019 Winner
We use the surplus material from the production of one product as the raw material for another. This is how the Kivikko seats were created. Kivikko seats were awarded as the Best Sustainable/Eco-friendly product in the GESS Education Awards 2019.
ISKU receives international recognition for its sustainability work
In 2020 ISKU received an international recognition for the decade of its sustainability work as the The European CEO Awards 2020 rewarded ISKU with The Company of the Decade in Sustainability in Finland.
Our materials are safe for you and the environment
We have strict material-specific environmental requirements for our suppliers. We are constantly working to ensure that all materials used in our products are environmentally friendly and healthy.
Cast edge with world-class durability
The cast edges are extremely durable and wear resistant, and gives the table top a long lifespan.
Responsibility means taking concrete actions
Responsibility is our guiding principle covering everything from our suppliers and partners, material selection and design to the manufacturing processes and logistics.