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Made in Finland in a responsible way

The time we live in has taught us to favour products of the highest quality with health and safety aspects. The trend continues. Increasingly more intensive background work is being done prior the purchase decisions in terms of materials, environmental burden and the country of origin.

For us, responsibility is a guiding principle that covers everything from the design of a piece of furniture to the manufacturing phase and on to its transportation to the final destination. We always ensure that the raw materials of our supplier chain come from responsible sources and encourage the use of local producers.

We trust on Finnish know-how in acting globally and in a responsible manner. Thus, the Finnish production is of particular importance to ISKU. We have concentrated our procurement in Finland to invest in the environmental friendliness and to ensure that the raw materials are pure, healthy and of highest quality. ISKU wants to be a pioneer in sustainability and offer customers responsible alternatives. Thus, we offer our customers genuinely Finnish products.

The new modes of working remotely during therecent exceptional times enable daily acts in favour of responsibility

Remote meeting software applications and quickly developed sensors and space utilisation software will reduce unnecessary driving and flights for meetings. Similarly, future scenarios related to the climate and environmental impact support remote work. By working remotely, even partially, we can reduce the amount of commuting, which naturally reduces the burden on the climate and nature.

Tyo2020 kotimaisuus

Download Work 2020, a guide on how to organize working environment after the exceptional situation

It is already evident that the need for safety and versatility will increase in the future. As remote working is becoming more common, it opens up new opportunities for development - would it be a right time to modernize working environment into a multi-space office?