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Smart learning and innovation environments

At Isku, we design and furnish environments where learning and teaching is a shared joy. Our complementary facility and furniture solutions – Focus, Share, Study & Join – are a source of inspiration, learning and creating something new. Together they form a pedagogically versatile concept of Isku Active Learning.

Isku Active Learning environments are safe, functional and enjoyable. The right facility and furniture solutions create peaceful work environments, improve learning results and contribute to the health and well-being of all members of the learning community.

Isku Active Learning

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Isku Active Learning solutions flexibly adapt to a variety of situations and learn together with their users. They allow not only for a variety of learning, teaching and guidance styles, but also for the specific needs of different subjects. A well-designed room can suit a multitude of purposes.

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Joy of learning and teaching

“As a result of user-driven design digital, virtual, social and physical learning environments combine together into a meaningful and pedagogically-driven set that nourishes a joy of learning and teaching.”

Isku Learning Expert, Director Elise Tarvainen

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Agile, customer-oriented product development

In Isku's product development processes involving learning and innovation spaces, the highligt is on the users, because they are the best experts of their own environments and needs.

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New ideas of creative encounters

Educational institutions are active in building partnerships, engaged in their fundamental task together with their stakeholders.

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Isku Digital Learning Lab - more than technology

Isku is actively involved in the everyday activities of educational institutions, and we are more than just observers of the constant change of operating environments.

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