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Kivikko brings circular economy mindset into life

Fostering a circular economy mindset, we think carefully through the lifecycle of each of our products from the designer’s desk to a finished piece of furniture. Being an active developer of environmentally friendly production and sustainable solutions, we emphasize the origin of materials and use surplus material from production of one product as the raw material for another. This is, for example, how our GESS Award-winning Kivikko seat was created. Kivikko has also been awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

Kivikko is a pedagogical furniture based on emphasizing the best practices of the Finnish Schools. It is a multifunctional product ideal for creating versatile spaces for work, learning and relaxation for users of all ages. It’s perfectly suited to encourage self-directed learning and it is modifiable to various learning spaces.

GESS Education Award winner

GESS Education Award winner

ISKU’s Kivikko seat, designed by Henri Halla-aho, was 2019 awarded as the best Sustainable/Eco-Friendly product in the education sector in the GESS Education Awards. The surplus material generated by the waste and cut-off pieces of foam plastic products is used as the raw material of Kivikko seats. Again, the waste generated in the manufacture of Kivikko is returned to the manufacturing process as raw material.

GESS Education Awards is a highly appreciated international award in its field and referred even as the “Oscars” of the education sector. ISKU exports furniture solutions and learning environment design around the world. Finnish know-how in education is world-renowned and ISKU is happy to spread the word about user-centered way of designing schools.

”I am extremely happy and proud that Isku received the award for the best sustainable and ecological product, as responsibility is part of our company’s DNA. Sustainability is present in the life-cycle of our products all the way to our customers”, says Mr. Arto Tiitinen, CEO at ISKU.

Henri Halla-aho

Henri Halla-aho

“As designers we have a responsibility for what we create. There has to be a solution already in the design process to give back all what we borrow for our creations. We believe this is the future of design everything tangible”, says Henri Halla-aho, the designer of the product.

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