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ISKU’s responsibility acts 2011-2020

ISKU has systematically and successfully developed its corporate responsibility for the past ten years (2011-2020). Today responsibility is an integral part of all ISKU operations, and we will maintain a strong advocate and pioneer of responsibility in the future, as well. The operations are based on meeting the expectations of customers and stakeholders and exceeding the requirements of environmental regulations and legislation. For ISKU, responsibility is action.

ISKU has certified management systems that ensure responsible operations with continuous improvement.

Certified ISO 9001 Quality Management System supports the continuous development of operations and processes. The system helps to meet customer expectations by standardizing operating methods and setting quality objectives.

Certified ISO 14001 Environmental Management System helps to improve processes and practices. In order to obtain an environmental certificate, the company must identify the environmental impacts of the organization and set targets to reduce them.

Certified OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System combines occupational health and safety issues into everyday activities and management.

PEFC (Chain of Custody) - certified tracking system for wood origin ensures that the wood used in the company’s products comes from forests that are managed in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. In 2019 more than 93% of wood material used in ISKU products is PEFC certified, and the rest of wood material is FSC certified or audited by ISKU.

ISKU sustainable forestry

ISKU has centralized its entire production to Lahti, Finland.

ISKU has centralized its material and component procurement to Finland to reduce transport distances and thus emissions from unnecessary traffic.

Over 80% of purchases come from Finland, 15% from other EU countries and less than 5% from outside the EU.

The domestic content of ISKU’s lobby furniture, sofas and cabinets is up to 95%. ISKU is allowed to use the Key Flag Symbol to demonstrate that it’s products has been manufactured in Finland, creating Finnish jobs.

Responsible property management with energy-wise solutions have reduced the building's CO¬¬2 emissions by up to 90%.

The energy management of ISKU's HQ, ISKU Center, is based on an exceptionally efficient geothermal heat pump system that takes care of both the property's heating and cooling. In all, ISKU Center has 50 geothermal wells, each 320 meters deep.

Center-katto There are solar panels installed on the ISKU Center's roof to harness the potential of wide surface area. The solar energy is connected to various real estate needs e.g. powering the air conditioning systems and electric vehicles.

Energy-saving measures as an integral part of the over EUR 100 million investment program.

In addition to the factory, also the energy efficiency at ISKU factory has been improved through a major renovation of the building’s automation system, modernization of the ventilation units, renewal of the dust removal system, as well as new lighting where over 3 000 light bulbs were replaced with LED bulbs.

As a result of these investments, the carbon dioxide emissions at the ISKU factory property have decreased dramatically and the carbon footprint in 2019 was only 29,5 metric tons of CO2e.


Solvent emissions (VOC) to air are negligible

In recent years, ISKU has gradually moved to using water-based varnishes, stains and paints in production. Today all upholstery adhesives are solvent-free.

ISKU does not need any separate environmental license to operate

As a result of the responsibility acts, the environmental impact of ISKU’s production is so small that the operations do not require an environmental permit (since 2015).

Environmental friendliness of materials

ISKU+ furniture collection is the world’s first antimicrobial furniture collection that contributes to a cleaner environment. Antimicrobial materials cut down the infection routes with their antimicrobial feature. The innovation in our antimicrobial furniture is based on copper, silver and other antimicrobial technologies used on essential contact surfaces.

ISKU uses the surplus material from the production of one product as the raw material for another. This is how, for example, the award-winning ISKU Kivikko seats and Amphi seating system were created. In our novel space-in-space solution ISKU Nook, green lifecycle meets pedagogical sustainability. ISKU Kivikko and Nook have both been awarded as the Best Sustainable/Eco-friendly product in the highly appreciated GESS Education Awards.

ISKU Kivikko & Nook ISKU Kivikko seats and Nook space-in-space solution have been awarded as the Best Sustainable/Eco-friendly product in the GESS Education Awards.

For suppliers ISKU has set strict environmental requirements, which are based on e.g. the Swan Eco Label and Möbelfakta criteria. ISKU's goal is to improve the environmental friendliness of all the raw materials used in the products, to reduce indoor air emissions and to ensure product recyclability at the end of the product's life cycle.

Where possible, ISKU uses M1-certified materials in its products. M1 certification indicates the low level of indoor air emissions of the material (e.g. formaldehyde, VOC, ammonia, odors). ISKU’s office chair series Still and Step+ are M1-certified.

ISKU uses only CertiPUR certified foam plastic. The certificate indicates that the materials have been tested and do not exceed the limit values for chemicals that are hazardous to health or the environment.

ISKU has been granted the right to use the Nordic Swan Ecolabel on its main products The criteria are extremely strict and only a small proportion of the furniture available on the market can meet them

Over 80% of the fabrics used for public furniture of standard collection are granted with EU eco-label or OEKO-TEX® label.

More than 99% of the waste of manufacturing process is recycled as materials and energy.

ISKU uses only recyclable packaging materials, that can be sorted apart without any special tools. In recent years, we have developed e.g. chair packaging to reduce the amount of plastic used in wrapping. ISKU does not use chlorine-containing plastics.

Step-m1 ISKU collection includes the first M1 classified office chairs in the world

Responsibility in the supply chain

ISKU has strict supplier selection criteria with quality and environmental requirements aligned with company’s responsibility programme.

Suppliers are committed to the ISKU Code of Conduct and procurement as well as quality principles. In our code of conduct, we commit to following all laws and regulations associated with our activities in all the countries where we operate. We also audit regularly that our suppliers follow our code of conduct. Social responsibility audits are carried out regularly if the component supplier is located in a high-risk country.

Procurement has been systematically centralized to Finland. To ensure the quality control, ISKU reduced the number of suppliers from 700 to 100 companies


Improving occupational health decreases sick leaves and absenteeism significantly

ISKU has a certified occupational health and safety system based on the ISO 45001 standard. ISKU's safety management is based on the continuous development and improvement of occupational health and safety by supporting employees’ performance. The company has an occupational health and safety function that coordinates the management of all occupational safety. The occupational safety organization conducts workplace visits and audits covering operations throughout Finland.

In the factory we have done many investments to improve occupation health and safety For example we have reduced 100 forklifts and focused on ergonomics by investing in new cranes and conveyors. Due to the systemic work in improving working conditions, the illness absence rate in 2019 was only 3 %.