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ISKU Health

ISKU Health - World class healthcare facilities from Finland

ISKU Health is the most modern solution for healthcare needs to support the customer experience and to strengthen patient-oriented work. Our ergonomic and high-quality solutions also support the healthcare professionals’ wellbeing at work. ISKU Health combines Finnish expertise in healthcare, technology and design.

We provide solutions on our clients' terms. Safety and considerations for improving safety is at the core of any health environment. Our solutions; Welcome, Guide, Face and Heal for health care environments complement each other.

Welcome - Lobbies and reception areas

Welcome solutions are designed to create functional and comfortable facilities that strengthen the customer experience in lobbies and reception areas. Our Welcome solutions value individuality and provide privacy and and comfort taking into account the demands of accessibility, lighting and sound.

Guide - Corridors and waiting areas

Guide solutions are designed to guide the customer and provide opportunities for social encounters and activity. Well-designed shared spaces also support the feeling of security and positive customer experience.

Face - Examination rooms

Majority of health care sector employees work in offices, even in hospitals. A well-designed examination room ensures privacy for patient care and examination. Ergonomic considerations support also the work of a healthcare professional improving the employee wellbeing at work.

Heal - Patient rooms

Healing can be supported through various material and design solutions. Heal solution is developed to serve the modern, flexible patient room environment and to support the healing process.