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ISKU Design

Naturally from Finland.

Finnish design is known for its aesthetic qualities, functionality and high-quality craftmanship. ISKU is a pioneer in bringing sustainability and a love of nature to the forefront of design. We invest in developing environmentally friendly solutions and nature saving manufacturing methods. Circular economy thinking runs throughout our design and we build our vision and a lasting legacy for the future generations.

ISKU’s story dates back to 1928 and is deeply rooted in northern nature, Finnish wood and the founder Eino Vikström’s carpentry skills. Nearly 100 years later, the family-owned company continues to uphold these values, taking responsibility for each other and the environment.

Awarded world-class design.

We look for new product ideas through many channels. We listen to the environment and customer and keep up with the changes of the time. We collaborate closely with architects and educational institutions on an international scale and our wide network of freelancers is actively involved in our product development. We also organize international design competitions, collaborate closely with several educational institutions of the design field.

The majority of the new ideas and solutions are created as the result of such collaborations. Our own Design Lab workshop enables quick experiments with models.

We are at the forefront of design and have received several international recognitions. The most recent ones are the 2019 and 2020 victories with the Best Sustainable/Eco-friendly Product in the GESS Education Awards. This year, we are nominated as finalist for the Best Innovation Product with Bench.

Caring for Life.

The role of furniture that ensure safety of the people is growing in all shared spaces where infections can easily spread. ISKU+ furniture collection is the world’s first antimicrobial furniture collection for a cleaner environment. The cleaner the space, the lower is a risk of contamination and an infection. ISKU+ solutions convey a firm signal of caring.

“ISKU + antimicrobial furniture provides means to combine world-class design with safety through material choices.” - Antti Olin, ISKU's Design Director.

Masterpieces of design at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Those who visit Snow Cape, the Finland pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, are in for a treat. The exterior has been designed to replicate a traditional Arabic tent covered in a thin white layer of snow. The interior will serve as an avenue for businesses, cultures and people to connect and share ideas. To ensure each encounter is memorable, ISKU has designed and furnished the VIP and conference area of Snow Cape, the Finland Majilis, with masterpieces of Finnish design.