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October 12, 2020. Written by Elise Tarvainen @ Elise Tarvainen

Working from home has become a lifeline for many businesses and our perception of office has expanded to any place in which a professional person conducts business. When favoring remote work, both the employers and employees need to pay attention to physical, cognitive as well as to social and organizational matters.

Also, the ergonomic choices in home offices are just as important as if you were working in an employer’s office.

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Antimicrobial efficacy on surfaces blog frontpage

Antimicrobial efficacy on furniture contact surfaces

September 28, 2020. Written by Joonas Vikström @ Joonas Vikström

Several studies indicate that ISKU+ antimicrobial furniture increase antimicrobial efficacy on surfaces. Antimicrobial contact surfaces are proven to relate to significantly reduced microbe amounts and to plummeted short-term absenteeism.

All in all, antimicrobial indoor spaces are less contaminated helping us fight the infections in shared spaces.

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ISKU Blog Learning design in the times of crisis

Learning design elements in the times of crisis

August 31, 2020. Written by Elise Tarvainen @ Elise Tarvainen

Educators and school providers are now vigorously looking for new practices to meet all the addressed expectations shaded by Covid-19. “Marie Kondo-ing” the curriculum, building bonds and enhancing interaction is now more important than ever. Also, the learning environments need to be re-imagined to accommodate the required safety protocols in the school buildings that haven’t changed since March 2020.

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Hybrid learning is a requirement of the new normal

August 17, 2020. Written by Tiina Malste.

All of a sudden last spring, mostly unwillingly and unprepared, we got caught up in the whirlpools of hybrid pedagogy, being in need to combine face-to-face instruction with online activities. Many of our pedagogical experts and students are highly competent in the face-to-face component of the hybrid but less practiced with being physically apart from each other.

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How indoor hygiene and furniture can be tied together?

August 3, 2020. Written by Joonas Vikström @ Joonas Vikström

The importance of hand washing and cleaning the essential contact surfaces has never been so obvious as it has become along the year 2020. Those practices can be considered as the key corner stones of indoor hygiene. If one still wonders why, the simple answer can be found from the human nature and the compulsive urge to touch your face.

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The modes of working are transforming rapidly and permanently – are we ready?

June 29, 2020. Written by Elise Tarvainen @ Elise Tarvainen

The last few months have brought us together to find a solution to a shared challenge of finding new ways and spaces to work. The core question is, how can we foster interaction and team collaboration without being physically too close to each other?

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