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ISKU+ antimicrobial solutions

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Advances in material science play a significant role especially in indoor hygiene management. Each day we are all in contact with contaminated surfaces. The cleaner the environment, the lower is a risk of contamination and an infection. Together with good hand hygiene and regular cleaning, utilizing antimicrobial ISKU+ furniture solutions increase cleanliness creating a more hygienic environment.

ISKU+ furniture collection is the world’s first antimicrobial furniture collection that contributes to a cleaner environment. Antimicrobial materials cut down the infection routes with their antimicrobial feature. The innovation in our antimicrobial products is based on silver and other antimicrobial technologies used on essential contact surfaces. Read more in an article about ISKUs antimicrobial solutions written by Architonic.

ISKU+ antimicrobial furniture collection

The proven and permanent antimicrobial feature

The proven and permanent antimicrobial feature helps to prevent the growth of microbes such as bacteria and mould, on touch surfaces. The technology on antimicrobial ISKU+ surfaces functions actively 24/7 affecting microbes by causing damage to their DNA and preventing them from multiplying. This prevents microbes from growing on protected touch surfaces. All furniture manufactured by ISKU can be provided with antimicrobial materials.

How to cut the chain of infections and reduce sick leaves with ISKU+ solutions?

Choosing antimicrobial furniture is a long-term investment in health and well-being. The ISKU+ e-book contains recent research on how the proven efficacy of antimicrobial contact surfaces reduces sickleaves and fights contagion.

ISKU+ key benefits

Key benefits

Superior Offering. ISKU+ options are available for the whole collection of ISKU’s standard products.

Permanent efficacy. Antimicrobial efficacy doesn’t decay over time and it works tirelessly for the whole technical lifetime of a furniture. The technologies are applied during the manufacturing process making it protected against wear and tear and cleaning.*

Proven and research based. The antimicrobial technologies have been tested based on ISO 22196. The efficacy concerns certain viruses, broad spectrum of various bacteria (including antibiotic resistant strains), mold, fungi, algae, yeast. Overall, ISKU+ antimicrobial technologies can be considered to reduce microbes up to 99.99%.

Environmental friendly and tested to be safe. ISKU+ has been tested to be safe and environment friendly.

*extreme rubbing or use of industrial chemicals not meant for conventional cleaning e.g. acetone might affect the antimicrobial features of antimicrobial fabrics.

Hygiene driven interiors

Hygiene driven interiors

With hygienic and comfortable solutions, we contribute to the safety and well-being of our customers. The use of antimicrobial contact surfaces has been shown to make difference in infection amounts, hence recovery times, absenteeism and sick leaves. The origin of the concept comes from hospital environments, but clinical trials have shown the impact outside the hospital environments as well. Besides hospitals, ISKU+ antimicrobial contact surfaces add value especially in work environments, schools and other interiors gathering multiple users and encounters within a day. Read more in the Case study: Antimicrobial vs. Non-antimicrobial Class Room.

Antimicrobial contact surfaces can be considered as a complementing solution for the traditional infection control measures such as cleaning and hand hygiene. Each of these have shown the efficacy individually against infections and together they constitute a powerful combination to fight against infections.

ISKU is a member of the HygTech Alliance.

HygTech Alliance

ISKU is a founding member of HygTech Alliance comprising six Finnish companies focusing on antimicrobial contact surfaces. Together these companies conduct research and product development to offer holistic solutions to fight against infections.