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Isku Active Learning
Isku Active Learning.

It's all about learning

At ISKU, we design and furnish environments where learning and teaching is a shared joy. Our complementary facility and furniture solutions – Focus, Share, Study & Join – are a source of inspiration, learning and creating something new. Together they form a pedagogically versatile concept of Isku Active Learning.

Isku Active Learning solutions flexibly adapt to a variety of situations and learn together with their users. They allow not only for a variety of learning, teaching and guidance styles, but also for the specific needs of different subjects. A well-designed room can suit a multitude of purposes.

With our inspiring ideas it is easy to also upgrade existing spaces and create a functional environment where learning and teaching is a shared joy.

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Focus - individual work

Who would not want to have a peaceful spot to concentrate on important assignments?

Students need space for concentration so that they can learn and acquire new knowledge. Well-designed spaces of Focus solutions support independent work and self-directed learning creating possibilities for uninterrupted and concentrated work.

These solutions can also be organized in the classroom, where a student gets a chance to focus on individual tasks and at the same time be involved in a group learning.

In a learning space, the Focus solutions provide teachers an opportunity to tailor their teaching to the needs of small groups or individuals and allow students to proceed at their own pace while following the teaching at the class.

Share - teamwork

Share solutions promote peer learning and teamwork in all environments. They provide a variety of shared learning spaces for investigative, problem-based work in small groups, where students learn together by exchanging, evaluating and combining knowledge.

The Share solutions find their places easily in any room or space of an educational institution, both as small and large sets. They are particularly well suited to furnishing open and extendable learning environments and rooms and halls intended for very large groups. In a classroom, the Share solutions support versatile pedagogical styles and enable a flexible use of various working methods.

These solutions are ideal for rooms that promote interaction within a group: round tables combined with half-round or round seating create a safe setting for peer-group studying and creative learning.

Study - multifunctional classrooms

Traditional classrooms are still in use but in a new way.

Flexible furniture solutions can turn classrooms into multifunctional spaces that promote interaction between the teacher, group of students and individual students.

Furniture in a learning space can be easily adapted from individualized work to a variety of group arrays. Their adaptability allows use of variety of teaching and working methods and makes the space suitable for teaching different subjects. The furniture can be easily moved, even by students themselves, and can also be stacked away to enlarge space for physically active learning.

The Study solutions are adaptable facility meant for teaching and learning. They are just as suitable for traditional lecture-type teaching as for interactive work in groups or pairs or test situations measuring individual learning results.

Join - communal spaces

Living rooms that inspire interactions and creativity.

Promoting inclusion and a communal culture is a vital part of the fundamental task of schools and educational institutions. The Join furniture solutions are ideal for creating living rooms for all users: for spontaneous interaction and encounters before, after and between lessons or just for hanging around.

Designed from pedagogical standpoint, the Join solutions promote positive social interaction, inclusion and communal learning.

In communal spaces (halls, lobbies, corridors), innovative, even playful furniture solutions encourage not only creative relaxation, but also self-directed studying, alone or in groups. At their best, these spaces can transform into rooms for parallel learning and teaching during lessons and open learning environments.