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ISKU continues investing in renewable energy to reduce CO2 emissions

ISKU is a forerunner within its field when it comes to ensuring responsibility of its operations. One of Finland´s largest solar power plants in connection to the ISKU factory in Lahti, is another significant investment in responsibility. The solar power plant with over 6,000 solar panels was inaugurated on October 3, 2022. In the future, a significant part of the electricity used by ISKU factory will be produced locally with solar electricity. The energy produced by the solar power plant corresponds to the energy consumption of ISKU's production for about seven months.

Carbon footprint calculations lead the way towards carbon neutrality

One sustainability objective of ISKU has been to determine the carbon footprint of the entire operations. We want to offer our customers solutions that support their way towards carbon neutrality. Our third-party carbon footprint calculations are based on reliable standards. We calculated the carbon footprint of our entire operation as well as product-specific carbon footprint calculations. Such calculations are a great way for us to bring our responsibility work to life and provide our customers concrete ways to choose furniture solutions that support responsible sustainability.

ISKU joined the UN Global Compact – the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative

“By joining the initiative, we want to show even stronger our commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Ten Principles of the Global Compact. We also want to openly report on our progress in corporate sustainability in accordance with the Global Compact's reporting framework”, says Kaisa Vuori, ISKU's Director of Sustainability.

ISKU and the MyFlow product family received an honourable mention in the prestigious Fennia Prize 22 design competition

ISKU has received the Fennia Prize 22 honourable mention for the design of the MyFlow product family.

"MyFlow represents award-winning design by Vertti Kivi and over 90 years of experience and state-of-the-art technology of ISKU. We are extremely honored that ISKU and MyFlow product family received the Fennia Prize 22 honourable mention", rejoices ISKU's Design Director Antti Olin.

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ISKU customer stories

We work together with our customers to find user-centered solutions that best meet their needs and help our customers thrive. By combining ISKU's over 90 years of expertise and involving the users of the spaces in the planning process, we co-design environments for Working, Learning and Health Care. With ISKU+ Antimicrobial Solutions our customers can contribute to enhansing the health and well-being of people.

Safe innovation platforms for lifelong learning

A well designed learning space allows not only a variety of learning, teaching and guidance styles, but also the specific needs of different subjects. Creative innovation platforms that emphasize the joy of learning and reinforce students’ own initiative, inspire them to find, try and co-create new solutions together.

ISKU+ Caring for life.

In our design, we take responsibility for the environment and for each other. We have developed the world’s first antimicrobial furniture collection that reduces the spread of infections. The ISKU+ technologies can reduce harmful microbes by up to 99.99 per cent creating cleaner, healthier and safer environments to study, work and thrive.

Download the ISKU+ e-book to learn, how the proven efficacy of antimicrobial contact surfaces adds value especially in health care sector, work environments, schools and any other shared space.


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Pedagogically versatile

ISKU Active Learning environments are safe, functional and enjoyable. The right facility and furniture solutions create peaceful work environments, improve learning results and contribute to the health and well-being of all members of the learning community.

ISKU Learning

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Inspiring and functional

Bringing creativity and satisfaction into day-to-day work is our key objective: with adaptable, multifunctional solutions we can meet evolving demands with durability and timelessness. Solutions that are innovative and beautiful to look at make every work day better.

ISKU Working

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Health touches us all

Advances in material science play a significant role in indoor hygiene management. We combine Finnish expertise in healthcare, technology and design. The antimicrobial ISKU+ furniture solution contributes to cleanliness creating a more hygienic environment.

ISKU Health and antimicrobial ISKU+ solutions

Most sustainable responsibility. Made in Finland.
Most sustainable responsibility. Made in Finland.