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ISKU VIP area layout Expo2020

ISKU at Expo 2020 Dubai

ISKU has furbished the VIP and conference floor of the Finland pavilion, the Finland Majlis at the World Expo 2020 in Dubai, UAE. At the Expo, the novel MyFlow furniture family and other masterpieces of design create a platform for memorable encounters and experiences.

The Finland Majlis serves as an avenue for businesses, cultures and people to connect and share ideas. As safety and well-being are the core pillars that the future environments build on, all the ISKU solutions at the Expo are antimicrobial. This ensures a welcoming, healthy and safe environment.

ISKU+ antimicrobial furniture collection

ISKU+ Caring for life.

In our design, we take responsibility for the environment and for each other. We have developed the world’s first antimicrobial furniture collection that reduces the spread of infections. The ISKU+ technologies can reduce harmful microbes by up to 99.99 per cent creating cleaner, healthier and safer environments to study, work and thrive.

Download the ISKU+ e-book to learn, how the proven efficacy of antimicrobial contact surfaces adds value especially in health care sector, work environments, schools and any other shared space.

Feel the energy and flow of design

MyFlow is a novel furniture family that brings joy and energetic flow into any environment where people gather together. The collection includes a wide range of unique products that make open multi-purpose spaces flexible, but intact in appearance and design.

Inspiring learning design elements for the new normal of education

During exceptional circumstances, we have witnessed how the traditional structures of teaching and learning has often failed and it has mostly been technology that has supported organizing formal learning. In adapting to the new normal of learning, social interaction is more important than ever, and schools are encouraged to provide the learning communities with opportunities for reshaping relationships, supporting emotional learning and building bonds that are important for meaningful learning. Accommodating the required new safety protocols in the school buildings requires imagination and maximizing the available space.

Solutions for remote work

Space solutions for remote working

The pandemic has led many companies, ISKU as well, to recommend that employees work from home. For many of us, remote work is a new reality and one that takes some time getting used to. Nor are the facilities at home same that we are used at our offices. Working space with available equipment make difference in enhancing our motivation, well-being and productivity.

Working from home - or anywhere

Every business is different, and so are the circumstances and environments where people work. Working from home requires flexibility from both the people and space. We got creative by providing you with a set of inspiring suggestions on how to create an inspiring and productive home workspace that considers the balance between the requirements of home-based work and family time.

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Quality is not accidental

October 25, 2021. Written by Elise Tarvainen @ Elise Tarvainen

Mission completed. Finland Majlis at the World Expo Dubai is up and running. Over 2-year project of design, creating solutions desired and tweaking the details has come to a happy end. As a result, the VIP and Conference floor now serves as a fascinating avenue for businesses, cultures, and people to connect and share ideas.

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Pedagogically versatile

ISKU Active Learning environments are safe, functional and enjoyable. The right facility and furniture solutions create peaceful work environments, improve learning results and contribute to the health and well-being of all members of the learning community.

ISKU Learning

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Inspiring and functional

Bringing creativity and satisfaction into day-to-day work is our key objective: with adaptable, multifunctional solutions we can meet evolving demands with durability and timelessness. Solutions that are innovative and beautiful to look at make every work day better.

ISKU Working

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Health touches us all

Advances in material science play a significant role in indoor hygiene management. We combine Finnish expertise in healthcare, technology and design. The antimicrobial ISKU+ furniture solution contributes to cleanliness creating a more hygienic environment.

ISKU Health and antimicrobial ISKU+ solutions

Most sustainable responsibility. Made in Finland.
Most sustainable responsibility. Made in Finland.