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Space solutions for remote working

The pandemic has led many companies, ISKU as well, to recommend that employees work from home. For many of us, remote work is a new reality and one that takes some time getting used to. Nor are the facilities at home same that we are used at our offices. Working space with available equipment make difference in enhancing our motivation, well-being and productivity.

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Pedagogically versatile

ISKU Active Learning environments are safe, functional and enjoyable. The right facility and furniture solutions create peaceful work environments, improve learning results and contribute to the health and well-being of all members of the learning community.

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Inspiring and functional

Bringing creativity and satisfaction into day-to-day work is our key objective: with adaptable, multifunctional solutions we can meet evolving demands with durability and timelessness. Solutions that are innovative and beautiful to look at make every work day better.

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Health touches us all

Advances in material science play a significant role in indoor hygiene management. We combine Finnish expertise in healthcare, technology and design. The antimicrobial ISKU+ furniture solution contributes to cleanliness creating a more hygienic environment.

ISKU Health and antimicrobial ISKU+ solutions

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ISKU Blog - Are we ready for the change?

The last few months have brought us together to find a solution to a shared challenge of finding new ways and spaces to work. The core question is, how can we foster interaction and team collaboration without being physically too close to each other?

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