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HygTech Alliance is a combination of manufacturing excellence, research knowledge, innovation and aligned solutions to create hygienic and attractive interiors with high quality. The origin comes from the most infection critical area, healthcare, but the solutions are applicable to all public spaces.

HygTech Alliance works with the same technologies and color tones providing more options with cross-compatibility to customers. Cutting down the infection routes and mitigating the risk of cross contamination with a holistic solution can be considered to have relatively short payback period and significant impact to overall wellbeing and safety.

Member companies

HygTech Alliance is an alliance of six Finnish companies ISKU, Abloy, Korpinen, Lojer, Oras and Teknos united to develop complete hygiene solutions for healthcare facilities. The holistic solutions of the alliance companies promote health and wellbeing by reducing the amount of microbes and preventing them from growing on protected touch surfaces.