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Working from home - or anywhere

Every business is different, and so are the circumstances and environments where people work. Working from home requires flexibility from both the people and space. Like any other environment, also working from home must enable efficient work. Factors such as an opportunity for privacy, good work ergonomics, timeless design and comfort are among the key elements for any home business operator to be putting in long hours at their desks.

When working from home the upsides often referred to remote work, such as the ability to work in peace with fewer distractions, may not be present - especially if more than one member of the family shares the same space. Also, for people not used to working from home, the situation quite often requires reframing and reorganizing one’s daily routines which may cause additional stress.

We got creative by providing you with a set of inspiring suggestions on how to create an inspiring and productive home workspace that considers the balance between the requirements of home-based work and family time.

Utilizing the dining area as a flexible workspace

The dining area is the heart of the home bringing family together and being the center of daily activity. It also flexibly transforms into a workspace for one or more. At its best, the kitchen table serves also as an ergonomic work station, which you can adjust to the height that suits you and provides you the possibility work in different positions – even standing.

Combining comfort and functionality

With chair choices, you create an atmosphere that you like and that fulfills the requirements of comfort and timeless design. Adjustable chair options support active movement while working. Desktop partitions bring you a new sense of focus and concentration especially when sharing the desktop with multiple users. Flexible choices can easily be used for a variety of purposes whenever the dining area shall again be needed for the normal family activities.

Bringing world-class design to home offices

A home office can be cozy and stylish corner fitting to the style and decor of your home. With a hint of creativity and inspiration a working corner provides a great opportunity to achieve an excellent balance by separating the business space from family activities. The key is finding the furniture solutions that best suit your needs in creating a small yet cozy home workspace.

Enhancing ergonomics in homey work spaces

With the combination of a suitable desk, a timeless and ergonomic chair and a welcoming armchair you can create a full office experience into a working corner and decorate it as you choose. To have a break in the middle of tight concentration you can easily turn your favorite lounger into a peaceful and relaxing spot for calls or creative thinking – or even taking a nap. Adding a couple armchairs and small tables you will not only have a conversation zone, but also a comfortable space to have meetings or meet clients.