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Furnishing innovations

Innovations in furnishing promote the transformation of working environments into multi-purpose offices.

Mapping: Customer-focused tailoring of solutions according to need

ISKU offers overall solutions for renewing your work environment. We offer work environment development, spatial design and all furniture from the one place. This enables you to save time and money. Your change is supported by our professionals and experts who tailor the overall package to your company’s goals. We make recommendations for measures and are involved in the change from planning to implementation, including the implementation of the change in working culture.


Furniture recycling and hybrid furnishings

ISKU takes care of the recycling and reuse of old furniture. The primary goal of the recycling system is to minimise the environmental load caused by recyclable waste and the amount of landfill waste. Furniture in poor condition is dismantled and the parts are sorted and recycled. The materials get a new lease of life as another product or are reused.

In hybrid furnishings, the customer’s furniture that is in good condition can also be combined with new products. It is also possible to buy some furniture secondhand. A diverse range of options for buying or rental also serves your business goals.


Working together, innovation and pleasantness

Workspaces are more customisable and furniture requires mobility and versatility. For example, a desk on wheels is suitable for teamwork and is also adaptable for independent work. With its green walls, Naava brings natural greenness and fresh forest air to indoor spaces. The stress-free green solution combines the best features of air purification, acoustic elements and room dividers.

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Work requiring independent concentration

The working environment makes it possible to work independently for shorter periods, and acoustic solutions become increasingly important. Room dividers, partitions and telephone booths provide space for calls and independent work. Cabinet solutions of the right height serve as temporary workstations, and phone booths can be used for calls or for working in silence.

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Remote working products to buy or rent

Remote working products can be purchased or rented. Ergonomics is also very important to consider for home offices. We offer different sizes of electrically adjustable tables and gas-adjustable tables if there is no electrical outlet nearby.


Antimicrobial products promote health

In large offices and multi-purpose offices, hygiene is especially important. Our products are available with antimicrobial materials. The appearance of the product does not change due to the permanent antimicrobial properties. Antimicrobial products are not much more expensive, and pay for themselves by decreasing the amount of absences from work due to sickness.

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Download Work 2020, a guide on how to organize working environment after the exceptional situation

It is already evident that the need for safety and versatility will increase in the future. As remote working is becoming more common, it opens up new opportunities for development - would it be a right time to modernize working environment into a multi-space office?