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Frequently asked questions

Who owns Isku?

Isku is a 100% family-owned company. It was established by Mr. Eino Vikström in 1928 and is even today owned by the same family in third generation. Being a Finnish family-owned company is a resource and a source of pride for us.

I want to partner with Isku – how to proceed?

We are happy to help you at We will come back to you with a personal connection and engage our experts for your needs. In all our operations, we emphasize co-creation.

What does sustainability mean for Isku?

Environmental Reponsibility

Sustainability is reflected throughout the entire life cycle of our products. We employ the certified tracking system for wood origin (PEFC) to ensure that the wood used in our products comes from forests that are managed in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. In the surface treatment of wood, we use water-based and solvent-free surface treatment agents. For chroming purposes, we utilize the more environmentally-friendly plating process. Used upholstery fabrics do not contain harmful substances and are individually tested nor do the plastic parts of our products include phthalates. Our packaging materials are recyclable and overall more than 97% of waste generated at Isku factories can be recycled as material or energy. In our purchases, we prefer Finnish, environmentally-friendly materials.

Social Responsibility

Isku also creates employment for thousands of Finns throughout its supply chain. By ensuring good working conditions, creating jobs in Finland and acting globally in a responsible manner, we carry out corporate social responsibility and long-term sustainability.

We embrace good corporate citizenship-thinking. Having actors such as the world’s best education innovation (WISE, 2014) “Me & MyCity” concept located within our HQ, is one vivid example of the social impact of innovative collaboration. Me & MyCity is a learning module on the economy, working life and society targeted at 12–13-year-olds, encouraging entrepreneurship in them.

Where do you manufacture your products?

“We are the most Finnish and most sustainable company within the furniture industry”. Domestic manufacturing and local production have always been important to us. We have centralized our production in the city of Lahti, Finland. Since 2015, we have invested over 25 million Euros in modernizing the factory, production process and its systems, logistics, as well as work ergonomics. We emphasize ecological choices from the very beginning of the design process and always act responsibly honoring our environment.

Who designs your products?

We look for new product ideas through many channels. We listen to the environment and customer and keep up with the changes of the time. We collaborate closely with architects and educational institutions on an international scale and our wide network of freelancers is actively involved in our product development. We also organize international design competitions, collaborate closely with several educational institutions of the design field. Majority of the new ideas and demands are created as the result of such collaborations. Our own Design Lab workshop enables quick experiments with models.

Our design values include being Finnish, functional, minimalist and light. We combine functionality with our service concept to make our furniture diverse, adaptable and practical in terms of the design. Isku furniture adapts according to the needs of the space, for example, from a teamwork room to more calm and individual solutions. We have operated as the pioneer of Finnish design according to these principles since 1928.

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