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ISKU at Expo 2020 for Media
ISKU at Expo 2020 for Media
ISKU at Expo 2020 for Media

ISKU at Expo 2020 - For Media

ISKU's goal at the Expo 2020 is to inspire and create experiences of happiness for the visitors. On this page you'll find the ISKU at Expo 2020 Press Kit and a summary of the ISKU Highlights at the Expo to get a view of how this aim is brought to life with design.

From the links below you can view and download the Press Kit, relevant pictures or get inspired by videos and read blog posts by the ISKU team.

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ISKU at Expo 2020 Press Kit cover

ISKU at Expo 2020 Press Kit

ISKU at Expo 2020 Press Kit includes information about our business along with relevant resources related to ISKU being a Key Partner of the Finland Pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai, UAE.

The package includes a brief company overview, ISKU's key messages and ISKU furniture solutions at the Expo, contact details, relevant press releases, other content and downloadable logos, images and videos.

You can read and download the entire package in the link below. For a quick overview we put together a summary of the content below.

ISKU HQ, the ISKU Center in Lahti, Finland.

ISKU in a Nutshell

Sustainable world-class design for generations to come

Since 1928 ISKU designs and manufactures furniture and offers services and comprehensive interior solutions based on our customers' needs. The company has its roots in the Finnish wood and the founder Eino Vikström’s carpentry skills. Today, the traditional craftmanship is combined with state-of-the-art technology and bringing latest innovations into furniture design.

ISKU is an active developer of environmentally friendly production and sustainable solutions. The family business is Finland’s most valued furniture brand (2018 and 2019) and Company of the Decade for Sustainability in Finland (2020).

A family walking by the sea.

Core Pillars of Our Operations

Responsibility is actions. ISKU's goal is to always ensure responsible production and the safety of our solutions. Responsibility is our guiding principle covering everything from our suppliers and partners, material selection and design to the manufacturing processes and logistics.

World-class design with pure materials. We have courage to do things differently. We believe in design, individuality, craftmanship and quality. We build environments that offer safe and comfortable places for us to grow up, study, work and thrive.

Smart learning and innovation environments. As a result of user-driven design digital, virtual, social and physical learning environments combine together into a meaningful and pedagogically-driven set that nourishes a joy of learning and teaching.

ISKU+ Caring for Life. The role of furniture that ensure safety of the people is growing in all shared spaces where infections can easily spread. ISKU+ is the world’s first antimicrobial furniture collection to contribute to a cleaner environment. The cleaner the space, the lower is a risk of cross-contamination and an infection.

Cloudberry Meeting Room at the Finland Majlis.

Join the Flow at Expo 2020

Visitors will access the Finnish pavilion through a tent-like opening into a ‘gorge’ carved into wood - a special central void of the pavilion that opens to the sky. Within the busy and noisy Expo environment, Finland’s Pavilion offers clarity and serenity. At the 2nd floor Finland Majlis, the peaceful ‘gorge’ is surrounded by an energetic yet harmonious flow of people and Finnish design.

Finland’s closeness to nature is highlighted in the product, material and colour choices at the Majlis. The chosen furniture adapts according to the needs. The workstations and the meeting rooms Rasberry, Blueberry and Cloudberry encourage people to work or meet and greet. Variety of space-within-space solutions provide privacy and spots for independent working and physical distancing. Freely placed MyFlow entities around the Majlis invite to have a chat or just enjoy the flow.

ISKU solutions at the Finland Majlis.

ISKU Highlights at the Expo 2020

Smart learning and innovation environments. ISKU solutions enable creating modern and safe learning and innovation environments with pedagogy driven design. Functional spaces enable memorable experiences for generations to come.

Pure materials. High quality. Finnish design. Always responsible. ISKU quality means dependability, carefully considered design, professional handicraft and meticulously selected and tested materials.

Finnish design for your lifetime journey. ISKU gets inspired by bringing circular economy thinking, health, happiness and creativity into daily life.

For happiness and well-being. Making businesses thrive by bringing health, happiness and creativity into daily life is one of ISKU’s key objectives. ISKU+ antimicrobial furniture collection brings added value to all shared spaces.

ISKU at Expo - Contact us

Contact us

Media inquiries

Hanna Ilmavirta Manager, International marketing and communications
+358 50 324 4180

Mona Auervuolle Manager, Marketing and communications in Finland
+358 50 563 2130

Business inquiries

Elise Tarvainen COO, ISKU International
+358 50 326 2913