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ISKU at Expo Dubai

ISKU at the Expo 2020 Dubai

Memorable experiences around masterpieces of architecture and design

The Finland pavilion “Snow Cape” at the World Expo 2020 in Dubai UAE is an architectual marvel designed by JKMM Architects. The pavilion combines Finnish natural design and innovation with Arabic visual features. Those who visit the Finland pavilion, are in for a treat. The Pavilion resembles a white tent made of snow while the entrance gives an impression of arriving into an Arabic tent.

As a key partner of the Finland pavilion, ISKU has designed and furnished the 2nd VIP and conference floor, the Finland Majlis, with masterpieces of Finnish sustainable design and awarded products. The harmonious, flexible and functional Finland Majlis is a result of a co-creation process with other top-industry experts. As a new dimension of innovation and responsibility ISKU introduces cutting-edge technology by bringing antimicrobial contact surfaces to all the furniture solutions at the Majlis.

During the 182-day Expo journey partner companies of the Finland pavilion have the opportunity to host events, have meetings and build connections in a safe, sustainable and comfortable environment. We warmly welcome you to experience Finland and meet us at the Expo 1 October 2021 – 31 March 2022. Click here to book a meeting with us in Dubai.

The Finland Majlis at Finland's Snow Cape Pavilion.

The Finland pavilion welcomes to experience future happiness

ISKU is delighted to be part of the amazing 182-day World Expo adventure together with over 120 Finnish partner companies.

Expo Dubai 2020 is the perfect platform for people to engage with one another. For all those visiting the Finland Majlis we aim to provide memorable experiences from Finland and share our sustainability journey,” says Arto Tiitinen, CEO of ISKU.

On March 23rd we warmly welcome you to feel the flow of the world's happiest country at the VIP floor of the Expo Dubai Finland pavilion! The harmonious, flexible and functional VIP floor is a result of several Finnish companies joining forces. Together with top-industry experts Framery, Artome and Naava we'll unveil the key role of happiness and innovations in creating superior working environments and supporting overall health and wellbeing. Register to the event to discover the secret of Finnish happiness and how you can adopt it to your workplace.

Cloudberry meeting room

The safe and welcoming ”Finland Majlis”

The VIP floor of the pavilion, the Finland Majlis, is designed and furbished by ISKU with masterpieces of Finnish design. The 500 m2 VIP floor that invites people to get together and build connections consists of:

  • A large multifunctional space for a variety of set-ups according to the needs
  • Latest audio-visual technology and screens
  • Reception and catering areas
  • 3 meeting rooms Blueberry, Rasberry and Cloudberry
  • Open Expo office with the most modern solutions for working

The selected furniture solutions emphasize responsible world-class design, cutting-edge technology, high quality and safety. The VIP areas serve as an avenue to connect and share ideas. All ISKU solutions are antimicrobial to prevent the spread of infections and create a safe environment for memorable encounters.

MyFlow Chairs Gorge

Pure materials. High quality. Finnish design. Always responsible.

Sustainable development comes naturally to us, and means making value-driven choices. We aim to establish a lasting legacy by providing future generations with timeless, smart and safe environments to study, work and thrive.

"Sustainability is one of the key themes at the Expo 2020. For us, ensuring sustainable responsibility is taking concrete actions. This covers everything from our suppliers and partners, material selection and design to the manufacturing processes and logistics. In addition, all our solutions at the Expo are antimicrobial to ensure the safety of the visitors”. -Arto Tiitinen, CEO of ISKU.

In the recent Finland at Expo 2020 publication with opening words by the President of the Republic of Finland Sauli Niinistö, you'll find out how ISKU brings sustainable design to life at the Finland pavilion. On the ISKU at Expo for Media page you'll learn more about our Expo key themes with links to download the ISKU media package.

ISKU solutions for happiness and well-being

For happiness and well-being.

Making businesses thrive by bringing health, happiness and creativity into daily life is one of our key objectives. In public spaces, we are constantly exposed to infections that spread through contact surfaces. What makes ISKU furniture at the Expo 2020 Dubai more than just design are the antimicrobial contact surfaces that actively enhance health and safety of the spaces. The proven and research-based ISKU+ antimicrobial materials can reduce microbes up to 99.99%.

“Antimicrobial options give an opportunity to bring new perspectives to designing public spaces. ISKU + antimicrobial furniture provides means to combine world-class design with safety through material choices.” - Antti Olin, ISKU's Design Director.

ISKU's antimicrobial furniture collections reduce the spread of infections. This creates cleaner, healthier, and safer schools, hospitals, offices, and any other multi-user environments. ISKU+ solutions convey a firm signal of caring.

Responsibly manufactured MyFlow Meeting Chair by the lakeside.

Nordic design for your lifetime journey.

Finnish design is known for its aesthetic qualities, functionality and high-quality craftmanship. ISKU’s story dates back to 1928 and is deeply rooted in northern nature, Finnish wood and the founder Eino Vikström’s carpentry skills. Nearly 100 years later, the family-owned company continues to uphold these values, taking responsibility for each other and the environment.

ISKU has been a pioneer in bringing sustainability to the forefront of the design. Our design is inspired by Finnish forests, pure raw materials and environmentally friendly manufacturing methods. At the Expo Dubai, our novel MyFlow furniture family and other masterpieces of design welcome you to enjoy experiences to remember.

ISKU Kivikko, Amphi and Inkoo Pro high.

Bringing circular economy thinking to life.

One of the key sub-themes of the Finland pavilion is circular economy. We proudly share Finland's circular economy vision, and our values are deeply rooted in northern nature and the careful selection of pure, raw materials. With our sustainable design, we bring the circular economy thinking to life at the Expo.

We employ the (PEFC) tracking system to ensure that the wood we use comes from sustainably managed forests. We always prefer environmentally friendly, safe and tested raw materials outsourced mainly from Finland and use the surplus material from production of one product as the raw material for another.

After the Expo, all our furniture in the VIP Lounge will be circulated further for re-use. With our solutions, we also connect the World Expo visitors to a circular economy mindset for a more sustainable future.