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Sustainability in the heart of the Dubai World Expo

March 7th, 2022. Written by Antti Olin

After being postponed from 2020 to 2021, the World Expo takes currently place in Dubai until the end of March 2022. Three main themes of the Expo Dubai - opportunity, mobility and sustainability - divide the 440-hectare Expo area into three zones. Finnish “Lumi” pavilion is located in the Mobility zone. Even though there are three different themes, sustainability is the one that most countries are underlining in their stands and presentations.

ISKU has been proudly presented in the Finland pavilion, with fully designed and furnished second floor VIP facilities. This is the space were all Finnish companies and other authorities have been inviting people and have had their seminars and presentations. ISKU has also organised several events at the pavilion VIP floor and I had the plesure to facilite the Finnish design seminar together with Vertti Kivi and local design and architect professionals. The feedback was really positive, about our form language, quality and most of all sustainability!

Most pavilions at the Expo count on the effectiveness of big screens and high-quality video & sound. That works well for the busy Expo visitors that want to see as much as possible during one day. There a total of 192 nationalities present at the Expo.

Al Wasl Plaza is the center and heart for the whole Expo. This huge dome with 150 meters diameter, is already in its size impressive, but when the sun goes down, the whole dome becomes an enormous 360 screen for video and sound. Most of us visitors just stared at the show with mouths open, the effect was so impressive.

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The pavilion that had the deepest impact on me was Germany. The pavilion was full of playful and inclusive examples of the everyday sustainable choices we can all make, along with new innovations. The experience ended in a well designed space, where you saw our own name and nationality on the screen, and every visitor sat on their own automatic swing. Even after the Expo ends at the end of March, the Expo District 2020 will carry on connecting minds like this, and fulfil Expo's vision to connect, create, and innovate.

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Antti Olin

Antti Olin is a design professional, interior architect SIO and the design director of ISKU.

During his career, Antti has designed many long lasting and award-winning products and interiors. Nowadays Antti is more focusing on getting the best and challenging designs to ISKU and renewing the brand.