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Design and Quality – you deserve it!

December 16, 2020. Written by Antti Olin @ Antti Olin

The past year has brought us to face a new normal in many ways. In these new circumstances, working with Teams and Zoom links the work days are not that spontaneous. We hope to get soon back to good face-to face meetings and spontaneous brainstorm sessions as people miss the office surroundings.

The interior and furniture solutions that surround us, play a major role in a working day experience. Good design can also inspire. Do you feel comfortable? Do you feel respected? Do you feel inspired? When sitting on an interesting and well-designed lounge chair, it might bring a smile on your face and a realization of that "this familiar need of sitting and relaxing can be interpreted this way”.

The design and details matter. A simple chair or a working desk can be designed - or not designed - in many ways. The actual feeling, that the end user has been in the mind of the designer throughout the process, is highly important. When resting your wrists at the table edge or having your USB cable at a really logical place are just small details, but those details are the things you miss when you don’t have them in place.

During 2020 shaded by the pandemic, ISKU has strongly focused on developing new solutions. MyFlow is our just launched novelty created in co-operation with designer Vertti Kivi. It is a furniture family that can be used to create unified look into any working environment. Energy, soft shapes and forms as the source of inspiration, MyFlow family brings joy to the working day. When we finally get back to the office, let’s do it with style and quality!

Nordic design for your lifetime journey. ISKU’s design is functional, durable and clean-lined in keeping with the best traditions of Nordic design. It draws inspiration from the Finnish nature and raw materials offered by it.

We follow trends and changes in our customers' needs whether at home, or in a learning or working environment. Our products are designed either by our own designers or by the best freelance designers in the field. Continuous, active collaboration with educational institutions and annual design competitions provide our product development with access to the latest and freshest ideas.

We believe in design, individuality, craftmanship and quality. It's in the core of our operations to build environments that offer safe and comfortable places for us to grow up, study, work and thrive.

About the author

Antti Olin

Antti Olin is a design professional, interior architect SIO and the design director of ISKU.

During his career, Antti has designed many long lasting and award-winning products and interiors. Nowadays Antti is more focusing on getting the best and challenging designs to ISKU and renewing the brand.