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Back at the office!
Back at the office!
Back at the office!

Back at the office!

April 12, 2021. Written by Elise Tarvainen @ Elise Tarvainen

I can hardly believe that it’s over 12 months we have been working from home. It truly has been the strangest period in my entire work history. I guess it has taught not only me, but all of us how to adapt and how to turn the challenges into opportunities. We have learned to cope outside our comfort zones – in work and in leisure.

For me the concept of work has now a new meaning: working from home crystallized the fact that work is not a place to go but a thing to do. While working from home, I have longed for both the stimulating physical work space the office used to provide, as well as the inspirational social setting where the best ideas are brainstormed in spontaneous interaction and encounters with colleagues.

This week I have been enjoying the feeling of being back at the office. It was thrilling to open the door, step in and experience the feeling of returning to office - even for a day. When entering to the refurbished interior full of novel furnishing solutions with all the fascinating details, I realized how important the work environment really is for creativity and inspiration.

Aesthetics and the way the users experience the space are factors that strongly influence productivity, motivation and work well-being. In an inspiring and stimulating work environment the employees thrive. Diverse spatial structures and furnishing solutions with varied surface materials and interesting colors and shapes contribute to the environment that invites everyone to participate and fosters a sense of belonging.

Empowered by my return to the office I want to share with you a few quick images that I managed to capture on my phone.

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Elise has robust experience of working in multi-cultural teams and international markets. These assignments and projects have been a unique possibility to create innovative, world-class learning and innovation environments by fusing the best practices from Finland into local context and needs.

As a COO of ISKU’s international operations, Elise enjoys and gets inspired by working with a team of high-caliber professionals to foster company's growth.