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Autumn vibes

September 26, 2022. Written by Reetta Sohlman.

Nature and autumn vibes are starting to take over homes and other interior environments. People long for nature, simplicity, warmth, silence, and peace. Alongside with the ecological trend that has already been topical for a while, we now see more nature inspired elements being incorporated into interior design.

The simplest and most approachable material that you can use to get closer to nature is wood. Warm, beautiful, soft, and natural material that adapt to many shapes and needs. The latest insight is to boldly use completely untreated wood both in our interiors and our furniture. The more unprocessed look, the better. At the same time, we are observing different surface shapes and cuts being used for larger areas that are built and formed out of wood to make a bold statement. The look and appearance of wood ages with time and changes with the permission of the sun, air, and time.

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The threshold between home and work interior atmosphere should be kept low in order to get the people back to offices from their warm and cozy caves.

The windows are made wider and the space more spacious in order for natural light to flow through. If this is not possible to achieve, you can try to achieve similar results with the help of natural light lamps or special bright light bulb.

Although we want to achieve the feeling of being in nature, we still seek for the delights of being indoors. The atmospheric atmosphere, warmth, coziness, and softness, cleanliness of the interior both at home and at work even more.

In addition to wooden elements, large and spectacular individual green plants in aesthetically pleasing decorative containers and pots brings a touch of nature inside. The forest and earth can be brought indoors by any means - stones, sand, moss, lichen, water and even nature sounds and scents. Green is the color of nature that is said to decrease stress. The color symbolizes health and freshness, and is easy to bring indoors in the form of plants.

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Earthy and broken colors in interior design continue to be popular on large surfaces. In the current world situation, people long for bright and eye-catching color spots that, like flowers, bring joy to the eyes and the mind. Like bright splashes of color, the shimmer of metal also brings that much-needed freshness to the mix of earthy colors. The luxurious splendor of copper, brass, rose gold and gold are more and more seen both when it comes to furniture frames and decorative items such as vases, pots, lighting and even textiles.

Color plays an important role in interior design, as even a small amount of a certain color can create a different mood in a space and even influence people’s behavior. Colors can be used to calm, irritate, excite, and even awaken creativity. For example, yellow can increase cheerfulness and creativity, while red is an attention-grabbing color, but with the right amount, it brings warmth to the space, gives energy and activates the mind.

Have you ever heard of the 60-30-10 method? it is at least worth trying. It is stated that we are able to achieve stylish, harmonious and interesting surroundings by following this décor rule. This is how it goes: 60% is your dominant hue, 30% is the secondary color and the last 10% works as an accent color.

60% of the colors in a room should be one color and different shades of that color. The color of the wall usually belongs to this percentage. The main thing when choosing this hue is that it should be easy on the eyes.

30% includes the colors of the furniture, so this might refer to wooden surfaces, upholsteries, and textiles.

10% should be an accent. This could be the extra bright spot mentioned earlier but it does not automatically have to be the brightest color.

Can you pick the percentages from picture below? Blog 24 - image 6

Go with the colors and feel the vibes!

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Ten years of experience around the company’s high quality and design furniture leaves it marks on her everyday work. Experience in public space planning combined with her artistic competence visual vision is personalized.