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3 Ways of working remotely – which one do you prefer?

Remote work from your home can be versatile and may require changing your working position during the day. Do you prefer to work at an ergonomic work desk, at the dining table, or maybe sitting on a relaxing armchair or couch, or even choosing more than one way?

1. Ergonomic electric desk paired with work or active chair

Do you work remotely and would like to invest in your home ergonomics? The electric desk is a versatile piece of furniture that allows a variety of working positions: standing, sitting and half-sitting. To enhance ergonomics even more, a good high-quality office chair is needed to make you more comfortable while sitting. Active chairs stimulate body movement keeping you in constant slight-motion mode while strengthening your deep muscles at the same time. At the end of the working day, you can store your devices and other stuff needed in your home office in beautiful cabinets.

Etatoita BW

2. Working at your dining table during a daytime and enjoying good food in the evening

Is your dining table also your work desk? The dining table also serves as a versatile home furniture. It can serve you as an ergonomic work station at your home – that is why the choice of chair is crucial here. You can choose a soft upholstered dining table chair, or rely on a wooden, upright chair. Family members can also join to gather around the dining table - ideas can surely fly!

Remote work on dining table

3. Relax on an armchair or sofa corner

Working on a couch or armchair in a slightly more relaxed position let the idea and creativity fly. Hold the computer on your legs or place it on a sofa or sofa table, and you can work from the couch for longer hours.

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