Stockholm Furniture Fair 2018

We give the freedom to choose where and how to work.
Meet us at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair.
We are still in Stockholm:
“We wanted to create light and vivid tone, dialogue with mist and reflection.”
-Stand's Designer Mikko Laakkonen

Introducing Tutto

Tutto is a chair family that can be adapted to a multitude of applications. The chair features a single seat section that is available in pressed wood or upholstered.

“I wanted to design a chair that would provide interior architects and architects with a versatile tool for furnishing spaces. The product family consists of a single pressed seat with which various backrests and legs can be combined.”

Designer Mikko Laakkonen

Introducing Hangaround

“Hangaround is not only a fun way to sit, but also an ergonomic alternative for the traditional, static sitting position. The inspiration for the design arises from increased awareness of how harmful sitting can be. At school and at work, people are often sedentary for hours on end. All major muscle groups become passive, the load on the lower back increases, metabolism slows down and thoughts become muddled. Luckily, it takes just a tiny movement or a change in body position to activate the body and the mind. So, what if you had your next meeting or brainstorming session in the Hangaround swing?”

Designer Kaisa Jäntti

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Working 360

A multifunctional office gives the employees the freedom to choose the environment that is best suited for each task. Isku Working 360 is a virtual tool to help the customer to find the right solution. Is it work that requires focus and concentration, or sharing thought with fellow workers or a peaceful environment for important decisions, new ideas, and helpful conversations. Isku 360 virtual office will help you.

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World’s first and only furniture solution that contributes to a cleaner working environment

Isku+ furniture cuts down the spread of bacteria with its natural antimicrobial feature. The proven and permanent antimicrobial feature helps prevent the growth of bacteria and viruses on touch surfaces. Isku+ solution increases wellbeing and company image by creating a safer working environment.

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Welcome to Isku's stand A25:25.
See you in Stockholm.
Welcome to our stand A25:25!

Älvsjö is located about 12 kilometers south of Stockholm City.
It's easy to get here both by commuter train and by car.