Digitalization and new technical equipment are constantly changing our operating environments. New advances are also shaping the requirements placed on learning environments and their functions. The school of today is no longer a passive, but an activating and functional entity.

Active Learning Alliance

Active Learning Alliance brings together different aspects of the school world: the equipment, Samsung and Edutukku are together establishing the best solutions for the needs of learning environments.

Adaptable learning environment

Adaptability is key in the design of the Learn furniture solutions. These products can be moved quickly and are easy to organise into groups of varying sizes. The solutions encourage adaptation to different situations for both individual work and teamwork.

Job satisfaction of teachers

Furthering teachers' job satisfaction is a good investment, both in the classroom and in the teachers' room.

Improving acoustics with furniture

Soft interior decoration elements lend a touch of design and comfort to any work space, allowing group work away from student tables.

Comfort and versatility with lobby sofas and modular sofas

Modular sofas allow for versatile sofa set-ups in different school spaces for various purposes.