Since 1928 – The Isku Story

Week’s highlight: Eino Vikström (1901-1966) Isku Oy´s founder

Eino Kristoffer Vikström was born on 7th December 1901 in Pukkila, Finland. Eino´s father, Karl Gustav Vikström, had fourteen children. All of the children from Gustav’s first marriage were forced to move away from home. Since Eino was only nine years old at the time, he was sent to work on a farm in Pukkila in southern Finland as a ploughman. There he worked for seven years, undertaking farm work. It was there that he met his future wife to be, Aino Impi Nikkilä, whose family owned a farm nearby. In 1918, Eino moved to Lahti, where his entrepreneurial brothers had already established businesses of their own in various companies.

A self-taught businessman

Eino Vikström was a typical businessman. He created a large company from modest means with his optimism and ambitions. Eino Vikström began working as a carpenter at Asko-Avonius in 1918. In 1923, he became a partner in Matti Metso´s workshop in Lahti. Shortly after Eino took over the workshop, Matti Metso became sick. In 1928, Eino Vikström felt that a limited company would offer the enterprise a better opportunity to develop, and this was the origin of Lahden Puukalusto Oy. Eino valued the relationship with his employees. Therefore, different activities and competitions were frequently arranged at the company. The production and manufacturing of high-quality furniture was important to him. In 1966, he was granted vuorineuvos (the Finnish honorary title). Later that year, Eino had a heart attack at a shooting range right after having won the Senior Championship in skeet shooting. Isku continues to be inspired by Eino´s drive, passion and ambitious standards. We continue to follow the motto and principle of our founder: “If it´s worth doing, it´s worth doing well.”.

Eino Vikström as a person

In his youth, Eino was a successful wrestler. Sport and nature was always important to him. He also enjoyed philately, numismatics and hunting during his leisure time. By family, friends and coworkers he was described as well-liked, having a good sense of humour and being a good speaker. From the very beginning, he was a skilled carpenter who valued skills and knowledge, and became a self-taught businessman.


Eino Vikström married Aino Nikkilä and had four children together, Timo, Ulla, Terttu and Mirja. Aino was an important part in the establishment of Isku. She had an increasingly significant role in the company´s establishment, both financially and as emotional support to her husband.